• Lochcroistean School, 1946-7

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      How about another school photo.  Click to enlarge. Back:  Annabella Matheson (Babag) Teacher Murdo Morrison 1A Ungeshader William Faulkner Macdonald 11 Geshader Angus Morrison 1A Ungeshader Neil Macdonald 11 Geshader John Macdonald 11 Geshader Donald Finlay Macleod 8 Carishader Norman Maciver Teacher Third row:  Christine Macdonald 3 Geshader Agnes Smith Croistean Cottage Maggie Bell […]

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    Abhainn Ath Dhearg, or Tax Evasion

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      Letter to the Stornoway Gazette, 31 May 1929   Sir – It may interest some of your readers to know how the Red River, Ardroil, Uig, derived its name.  The story runs that the Macaulays disputed the Norse authorities’ right to collect taxes in Uig:  no doubt they treated the Norse Colony as ferry […]

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    TB Macaulay Seeks Travel Companions

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    Public Notices, Stornoway Gazette, 19 April 1929: 1929 Summer Excursion from Canada and USA to Stornoway The Canadian Pacific Liner “Minnedosa” leaving Montreal on June 8, 1929, will make a special call at Stornoway with Lewis Folks from Canada and the United States. Mr TB Macaulay, Montreal, who will lead the Clans-Folk on their pilgrimage […]

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    TB Day

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    An Là TB was 18 June 1929, the day TB Macaulay, 8th in line from Domhnall Cam and then president of Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada, returned to his ancestral home. He spent the day in Valtos and it seems most of Uig turned out for him.  While on the island he opened the […]

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    St Peter’s Church, Pabbay

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      NB 10447 37700. The remains of a small church known as St Peter’s Church, on Traigh na Cille, Pabbay Mòr, in Loch Roag. The surviving fabric is mediaeval in date but the Pabbay place-name would suggest that there has been an early medieval church somewhere on the island. A few plain marker stones are […]

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    The Murder of the Mealista Men

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    Excerpt from Tales and Traditions of the Lews, by Donald Macdonald In the long, long ago, there was a boat, manned by Mealista men, that went for a load of timber to the woods in the neighbourhood of Gairloch, and no doubt they had permission to do so, for was not friendship cemented by the […]

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    Taigh Sgoile Chiosamuil (1 Timsgarry)

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    The house at 1 Timsgarry, the oldest whitehouse (taigh geal) in Uig, was originally Ciosamul Schoolhouse (Taigh Sgoile Chiosamuil), and one of the first teachers ca.1796 was John Macaskill, a relation of Janet Macaskill, wife of Rev Hugh Munro.  John later emigrated to Cape Breton. Subsequently it was Timsgarry Farmhouse, occupied by first Mitchells and then Macraes.  In […]

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    Norman Macleod, Am Bàrd Bochd, taught at Lochcroistean school from 1936 to 1943, and was a noted bard who composed the following about Lochcroistean and some of the people he knew there.  The last four verses constitute his song about the people of Geshader. Lochcroistean School was in use until the new Uig school opened […]

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    Coming to Uig Lodge, 1891

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    Rev Col AJ Mackenzie, born 1887,  was the son of Roderick Mackenzie, gamekeeper at Kinlochresort and subsequently at Uig Lodge.  The young Alick spent his early years at Kinlochresort before moving with his family in 1891 to the keeper’s house near the Lodge, overlooking Traigh Uig, which clearly made a lasting impression on him.  The story of […]

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    Colonials Return, 1918

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    Excerpts from Stornoway Gazette, Local and District News (Uig) April 5th, 1918 FRIENDS FROM ACROSS THE SEA: One of the few pleasurable results of this terrible and miserable war is the occasional opportunity offered to friends and relations at home of meeting and welcoming friends and relations from beyond the seas – friends whom, in the […]

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    The Grana Rescue at Mangersta

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    Mangersta, Uig, Isle of Lewis, originally uploaded by rachel 79. Christina Mackay, Uig’s Victorian heroine, was the wife of Donald Mackay, who had the farm at Mangersta after the township had been cleared in 1872 and the people resettled for the most part in Doune Carloway. In October 1896, a gale had been blowing for […]

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    The Lewis Land Struggle: Na Gaisgich

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    Joni Buchanan Acair 1996 ISBN 0 86152 166 8 A study of the crofter’s uprisings in Lewis as they resisted landlordism, clearance and emigration, with a focus on four crucial flashpoints (Pairc, Aignish, Coll and Gress and Bernera) as well as background on the wider issues. Includes songs and poems that came out of the […]

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    Àite na Ordaighean: the Place of Worship

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    The place name Àite nan Ordaighean in Valtos Glen is still known today and a rough cairn is all that remains in this place of worship. Foot paths descending down the steep sides of the Glen to reach the place of worship are still visible. Those paths indicate the various directions from which many worshippers […]

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    Gur tric mi an diugh a’ cuimhneachadh

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    A song of the people of Geshader, by Norman Macleod, Am Bàrd Bochd, who was headmaster at Lochcroistean from 1936 to 1943. Gur tric mi an diugh a’ cuimhneachadh Air suinn bha leam ann uair, An duinealas ‘s an aoighealachd, An abhachas gun fhuath; An t-Ileach seòlta àmhailteach ‘S Macneill na bheachd cur ruaig Air […]

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    Excursion to Ness, 1928

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    An Uigeachs’ excursion to Ness in 1928.  Left to right: Mary Macaulay (Maireag na Lodge) Lady from Shawbost? Catherine Morrison, Carnish (later Mrs Matheson, 6 Ardroil) Dan Finlayson, 1 Ardroil Jessie Mackenzie (Jessie Alasdair Bhig), Aird Mrs Finlayson, 1 Ardroil John Smith (Iain Shiadair), 13 Ardroil Peter Macritchie (Taillear), 4 Ardroil Chirstag Finlayson (Chirstag an […]

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