Plans for Carnish, Mangersta, Islivig and Brenish, 1851

From the 1851 Diary of John Munro Mackenzie, Chamberlain of the Lews.  Carnish was cleared in the 1850s and the land added to Ardroil Farm.  The small tenants at Mangersta moved to Doune Carloway in 1872/3, at their own request as the salt gales were damaging their crops.  Both townships were resettled, Mangersta in 1911 and Carnish in 1921.

Thursday 13 Feby.

… Met with the people of Brenish, Islivig, Mangersta and Carnish and explained to them the condition on which they were to emigrate — Went over and examined the condition and circumstances of each family, the amount of arrears, value of Stock etc, and arrived at the following results — We fixed on sending four families from Brenish none consenting, the number of souls 27 — the total of their arrears £52.0/10 — and the value of their stock £6.5/-.  From Islivig 3 families are to be removed consisting of 18 souls none consenting — The total of their arrears is £54.9/4 and the value of their stock £14.5/-.  From Mangersta we fixed on sending six families composed of 34 souls two consenting, the total of their arrears £72.15/5 and the probable value of their Stock £38.12/-.  From Carnish we fixed on sending 12 families (five consenting) consisting of 61 souls.  The total of their arrears £183-10/8 and the probably value of their Stock £57.5/-.  The greater part of the people fixed on today for America are even now destitute of food, several families have not even one meal of food — Carnish should be cleared altogether, the people left can be sent to Mangersta and Islivig in place of those to be removed, Carnish would make a good addition to Ederoel [Ardroil] adjoining…