Àirigh Trail: Gearraidh an Uisge & Gearraidh Thodail

CE Uig walked out to the shielings at Gearraidh an Uisge and Gearraidh Thodail, both used turn-about by Kneep until just before the war.  At Gearraidh an Uisge (NB106272)  there are the two substantial structures (the later built by Baxter in the 1930s), at least one older one nearby and the scant remains of two bothans on lower ground near the burn.

Gearraidh Thodail (NB 095290) is in a beautifully secluded glen and also consists of two substantial remains and some older huts.  Between the two we found an exposed shieling (?) on high ground at the north end of Direadh Beinn, of which nothing is known.

The weather was mì-chàilear but we had a great day.  Next outing 12 July from Mealista.