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On the Birds of Lewis

On the Birds of Lewis – From a paper published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, written by Proffessor Duns, DD, FRSE. Session 1865-66 (Vol 5), on the natural history of Lewis. The observations were made during a visit to the island in the summer of 1865.

External sources

Virtual Heb – Birdlife – Photographs and images of the hebrides and hebridean life. The Hebrides has an extraordinary diversity of birdlife, including oyster catchers, corncrakes and golden eagles.

Bird Guide – Outer Hebrides – Latest Rarities in Outer Hebrides

Bird Sightings in the Outer Hebrides – Latest Outer Hebrides Bird and Wildlife Sightings 2021, daily sightings in the Outer Hebrides.

Scottish Raptors – Discover the amazing Scottish raptors, from the Common buzzard to the Great Golden Eagle. Birds of prey (raptors) are an integral part of Scotland’s natural heritage and some species, such as the golden eagle, are considered iconic emblems of our landscape. Raptors play an important role in our ecosystems and as top predators their presence can be indicative of a healthy environment. 

Visit Outer Hebrides – Golden Eagles – This spectacular predator commands the top of the food chain and manages to survive in some of our most harsh mountain environments. With a population of just over 400 pairs the golden eagle is a rare sight across most of Scotland.

Marine Life

Life Under St. Kilda – St Kilda has been inscribed as a World Heritage Site under both natural and cultural criteria.

External sources:

Virtual Heb – Seals – Photos of seals in the Outer Hebridean seas.

Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust – A conservation is in action to protect the waters of the Outer Hebrides.

Other wildlife

On the Mammals of Lewis – From a paper published by The Royal Society of Edinburgh, written by Professor Duns, DD. FRSE. Session 1865-66 (Vol 5), on the natural history of Lewis.

External sources

Visit Hebrides – Wildlife – With the islands enjoying one of the last untouched natural landscapes in Europe, wildlife in the Western Isles is some of the finest in the world, with Outer Hebrides animals and plants all at home in their surrounding without fear of poaching, pollution or disturbance.

Virtual Heb – Wildlife – The Hebrides or Western isles as they are now known is a great place to watch the wildlife. Otters, Seals, insects and butterflies, rabbits, deer, whales, dolphins, porpoises, jellyfish, crabs, and much more – all can be seen on The Isle of Harris and The Isle of Lewis.

Fish Hebrides – The Outer Hebrides is a game angler’s dream location and one that will fill you with all the emotions and all the pleasures associated with this wonderful and rewarding sport.


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Landscape & Geology

Uig Landscape Project – During the late 1990s archaeologists from Edinburgh University excavated four sites around Uig. Recently the directors of the excavations, Dr Mike Church now at Durham University and Dr Simon Gilmour, director of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, have been awarded funding from Historic Scotland to produce a book

The Uig Landscape – To go to Uig is to go to a different country from the rest of the Lews, to go from the moors into the mountains, to the great massif which, with the Forest of Harris, builds the highest ground in the Outer Hebrides.

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Most of the known information is gathered on local sites, these sites are great tool to finding way to tracking down the hebridean wildlife; Outer Hebrides, HWDT & Country File

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