• Aird Uig in 1959

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      A chapter from Uig, a Hebridean Parish (1960) by Madge Phillips. The little township of Aird is an isolated and old-established crofting settlement along the western side of the steep and narrow valley of the Amhainn Gil na h-Airde three miles north of Crowlista.  After leaving Loch Meacheit, the river flows northward through a gorge […]

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    Mairead Maclennan, 36 Cliff

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    Mairead Maclennan was born to 36 Cliff (at Craigard, on the hill opposite where the houses are now) in 1883.  She went to work in Paisley as a seamstress for J&P Coats, the manufacturers of sewing cotton, at Ferguslie Park.  She was the only one in the house with a German sewing machine and when […]

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    Members’ Outing to Strome, 24 July

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    Members and their guests are invited to join us for an outing with Seatrek to Strome on Thursday 24 July, to have a look at the village and shielings there.  The itinerary is flexible and may take in some islands in Loch Roag.  £10; depart from Miavaig at 10am with Seatrek – weather permitting, of […]

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    Valtos School 1958

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    (click to enlarge) Headmaster Donald Maclean Shawbost, Teacher Annie Macaulay 35 Cliff Back Row:  1. Calum A Mackay 13 Kneep 2. Malcolm Smith 20 Valtos 3. Murdanie Macdonald 24 Valtos 4. Andrew Mackay 13 Kneep 5. Murdo Maclennan 36 Cliff 6. Norman Morrison 1 Ungeshader 7. Donald J Montgomery Islivig 8. Donald J Morrison 13 Reef […]

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    Ailig Mackay and his son Calum, 15 Valtos

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    Alexander Mackay (Alasdair Dhomhnaill Aonghais) was born in 1868, a son of Donald and Annie nee Matheson, 18 Valtos.  He married Christina Maclennan 15 Valtos (Caristiona Chaluim Ille Mhoire) and after a period as cottars at 21 Valtos, Ailig became the third tenant of No. 15.  They had four children – Dolina, Ceit, Donald and Calum.    Ailig served in the RNR and […]

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    Clach Aonghais Bhig

    by  • 12 July 2008 • History, Tales & Traditions • 2 Comments

    I am informed that this is not the real Clach Aonghais Bhig, and the real one is situated up the valley, perched on the south rim… has anyone got a picture?  It is certainly true that you don’t get much of a view of Brenish from the top of this one.  Some maintain that Angus Beag lived […]

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    Proposals for Emigration, 1851

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    Following his tour of the island in the spring of 1851 to assess arrears owed by tenants and determined which of them were “to be emigrated”, the Chamberlain of the Lews, John Munro Mackenzie, drew up the following memorandum (from the Acair publication of his 1851 Diary.)  Two emigrant ships, the Marquis of Stafford and […]

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    The Loss of the Margaret

    by  • 10 July 2008 • Fishing, History, Weather • 2 Comments

    On Saturday, 12 March, 1932, a north westerly gale was blowing and a heavy Atlantic swell was running. When Angus MacKinnon, skipper of the lobster boat, Margaret, saw the inclement weather conditions, he woke his father, Cain, and requested his assistance as an extra hand on the boat. Though retired from fishing, Cain agreed. Angus’s […]

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    British Summer Time in Uig

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    Stornoway Gazette, Local and District News. June 8, 1917 “AN UAIR UR” – Not wishing to be reckoned as ‘behind the times’, West Uig is now adopting the new time. With the advent of June, Summer Time was acknowledged as the correct hour and most people have moved their clocks an hour forward. If this […]

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    Nicolsons in Uig

    by  • 9 July 2008 • Genealogy, History • 1 Comment

    Willie Matheson (Mac Gille Chaluim) wrote in his Families of Lewis series that Nicolson was “perhaps the oldest surname in Lewis” and that the Macleods came into possession of the island by marriage into the family.  The name disappears and does not surface again until the 18th century, when Angus Nicolson is on record as a joint-tacksman […]

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    The Postman

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    Malcolm Maclennan, Calum Iain na Clibhe, 38 Cliff, who delivered to Carishader, Miavaig, Cliff, Valtos and Kneep on his bicycle.  (His bicycle may be one outside the post office in 1911 here.)  He worked as a postman for 60 years, finally retiring in 1960 at the age of 77.  Calum Iain received a certificate from the postmaster […]

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    The Day of the Whale

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      Years ago a dead whale was spotted drifting offshore by some of the Islivig bodachs.  It was just a bit south of the Islivig/Brenish boundary and was drifting further south.  They launched a boat and managed to attach a rope and then proceeded to tow the carcase to Camus Islivig.    The Brenish bodachs […]

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    Summer Outing, 1950s

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      The first tea-break on an outing from Uig to Harris; the stop was on the main road in the dip by the Leurbost road end.  Peter Smith on the melodeon.  Clockwise from the suit: 1. (in the suit) Angus Macdonald 11 Geshader (Anga) 2. Effie Mackenzie Earshader (Eiric Six) 3. Cathie Margaret Macleod 2 […]

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    Dòmhnall Càm at Dun Carloway

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    A tale from Donald Macdonald’s Tales and Traditions of the Lews: Dòmhnall Càm and the big smith went one summer to the Flannan Isles, and the Morrisons of Ness, hearing the Macaulays were from home, came and drove the cows from the moor, for they met with no opposition.  When Dòmhnall and his party returned the womenfolk […]

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    Rev Alexander Macleod

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    Alexander Macleod was born in Balachladaich, Stoer, Assynt in 1786. In 1808 he entered King’s College, Aberdeen to study theology and his first post after completing his studies was tutoring the sons of a farmer in Skye. He evidently eloped with the farmer’s daughter, Margaret, which caused much indignation at the time but peace was […]

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    Landslide in Glen Valtos, 1920

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    From the Stornoway Gazette, Local and District News, Friday December 3rd, 1920. Landslide in Valtos Glen On Thursday morning of last week, there was a repetition here of the previous Monday’s storm. Though it did not last so long, there were gusts during the early morning which were almost as strong as any we had […]

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