Comann Eachdraichd Uig

Village Galleries

People, places, crofting and houses.

A collection of photos documented over the past 200 years.

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Kneep Gallery

Kneep – The village of Kneep is situated on the Valtos Peninsula in Uig, between Valtos and Reef. Crofts 1 to 15 are next to Valtos, and much fragmented. 

Breanish Gallery

Breanish – Is a large village near the end of the Uig road – since the clearance of Mealista in 1838, it has been the last inhabited village in the district.

Islivig Gallery

Islivig – was described in Uig: A Hebridean Parish, in 1959

Mangersta Gallery

Mangersta – (probably “Magnus’s steading”) was cleared at the same time as Mealista, in 1837-38, to make way for sheep.

Valtos Gallery

Valtos – Valtos (from the Norse vald hus, house of one in power) is a large and well-populated village on the Valtos peninsula.

Reef Gallery

Reef – The township of Reef, situated on machair and rocky headland on the Valtos penisula in West Uig, was cleared of its inhabitants to make way for a sheep farm, under the ownership of Sir James Matheson. 

Geshader Gallery

Gesahder – Geshader was occupied relatively late, by people coming in from other parts of the district in the mid-19th century.

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