• Cèilidh aig an Àirigh: Mealista, 12 July

    by  • 6 July 2008 • History • 2 Comments

    Our next airigh walk is to the Mealista shieling on the Abhainn Ruadh (NB001232).  The picture is of Abhainn Thotaroil, which is not strictly speaking on the way to the airigh, but makes an excellent detour into Gleann Uladal.  The hill is Griomabhal. Meet at Mealista slipway at 10am on Saturday 12 July.  All welcome; […]

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    The Uig Team, early 1930s

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    Back: Donald Morrison 13 Reef (Weedan) Calum Smith Uigen (The Puny) Donald Matheson 39 Cliff (Domhnall a’Bheiceir) Middle Malcolm Mackay (Kimon) Murdo Matheson Uigen John Macdonald 8 Kneep (Max) Front Donald Mackay 21 Valtos Kenneth John Mackay 31 Valtos Murdo Nicolson Crowlista Donald Macleod 2 Reef  

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    Seonnaidh Gorabhaig, Ungeshader

    by  • 3 July 2008 • History, People • 1 Comment

    Seonnaidh Gorabhaig, John Maclean, was born in Ungeshader in 1888.  He was unmarried and remained in the family home at No. 3 with his brother Peter (the Coll) and latterly Peter’s wife Effie (Oighrig Mhorgain from Bragar).  The two brothers built Taigh na Coll themselves in the 1930s, carrying the stone in from half a […]

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    At Àirigh an Fhorsa

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      New photos from Mairi Peigi Maclennan at Cliff.  Àirigh an Fhorsa (NB118227, behind Coduinn) was used by Valtos and Cliff, including for just two seasons after WW2.  In the pictures are William Maclennan 36 Cliff, Ann Matheson (Anna a’Bheiceir) and her brother Calum 39 Cliff and Chirsty Smith 21 Valtos.  

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    Fear a’Bhàta

    by  • 3 July 2008 • Bàrdachd, Gàidhlig • 0 Comments

    [singlepic id=588 w=600] This well-known song was written by Jane Finlayson (1775-1840) of Tong about her suitor, fisherman Donald Macrae of Uig. She laments Donald’s continuing absence and wonders, in the face of her friends’ advice to give up on him, whether he will ever return. In fact he did return to marry her and […]

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    by  • 2 July 2008 • History • 0 Comments

      Strome was a small settlement on Loch Strome in Loch Roag – today difficult to access by land, but in the days when much travel was done by sea, not so far off the beaten track.  in the early years of the 19th century the hamlet was occupied by Smiths (closely related to the Smiths of […]

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    Tornado in West Uig

    by  • 2 July 2008 • History, Weather • 0 Comments

    From the Stornoway Gazette, Local and District News. March 24, 1921 The cyclonic storm which burst over this district on Wednesday last left traces of destruction in its trail here as elsewhere. Fortunately, no lives were lost, though several instances of hairbreadth escapes from flying debris etc, have been mentioned. The roof of the Valtos […]

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    Lewis: A History of the Island

    by  • 2 July 2008 • Bibliography • 0 Comments

    Donald Macdonald Savage 1978, 2004 ISBN 1 904246 08 7 A comprehensive history of the Isle of Lewis from the Norse and Mediaeval periods through to the 20th century, covering landlords and land struggle, crofting and fishing, education, religion, emigration and many more topics, drawn from a wide range of sources including oral tradition.  An […]

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    Iain Ruadh of Valtos

    by  • 1 July 2008 • History, Tales & Traditions • 0 Comments

    John Macaulay (Iain Ruadh) was the eldest son of Murdo and Elizabeth nee Macpherson, Valtos, and a grandson of Angus Beag. He is remembered in legend for his ability as a hunter and as a poet. William Macpherson (Mac Gille Chaluim) relates the following in his History of the Macaulays: On one occasion he wounded a […]

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    Death of Big Bear Maclean

    by  • 1 July 2008 • Emigration, History, People • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=1045,280,left]William J. Maclean was born at Scaliscro in 1837, son of Angus Maclean, mason, and Ann Macrae, daughter of the farmer Alexander Macrae.  The family had moved to Gisla by 1861.  William emigrated to Canada (his brother Duncan, who remained at Gisla, remembered travelling to Liverpool to see him off) and became factor for the […]

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    Plans for Crowlista, Aird and the Bays, 1851

    by  • 1 July 2008 • Emigration, History, Land Issues • 0 Comments

    From the Diary of John Munro Mackenzie, Chamberlain, in 1851: Friday 14 Feby. Met the people of Crowlista, Aird Uig, Carishader, Geshader, Enaclete, Ungeshader and having explained the conditions on which they were to be emigrated, their condition state of arrears etc the following results were arrived at — Crowlista, 6 families, £34.8.4 in arrears, […]

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    Calum “You Were Never in Java” Smith

    by  • 1 July 2008 • Emigration, History, People • 0 Comments

    Malcolm Smith (Calum Gobha) born circa 1775 is believed to be from Kneep, son of John Smith, and he had a smithy in Enaclete. He was the first croft tenant on 3 Enaclete but moved to No. 9, and eventually emigrated in old age to Winslow, Quebec, Canada in 1855 with his family. Calum was an Old Soldier, having enlisted […]

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    Miavaig PO, 1911

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    The old post office was roughly opposite the harbour road, to the left of the Wilsons’ house.  Evidently all the initials still visible scratched in the door of the byre by the side of the road there were made by the boys hanging around for the post.

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    Cnip, by Peggy Eric Maciver

    by  • 30 June 2008 • Bàrdachd, Gàidhlig • 1 Comment

    A song about her native village, by Peggy Eric Maciver, 7 Kneep Tha Cnip os cionn mo dhachaidh tha mu choinneamh Cnoc nan Còrr Is an tom air cùl an tighe ris an canar Cnoc an Oir An Fhaoilinn ‘S rubha Iolmoir air am b’ eòlach mi bho m’ òig Is Sgealasbhalis Liongal cumail fasgadh […]

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    Bean Aonghais Bhig, or How Angus Beag Got his Wife

    by  • 30 June 2008 • Gàidhlig, History, Tales & Traditions • 0 Comments

      As told by Rev Donald Macaulay.  English text follows the Gaelic.  Photo of Brenish by Chris Murray.   Bha an cogadh a dol bliadhnaichean agus am màrbhadh eadar Clann ‘ic Leòid, Clann Choinnich agus na Moireasdanaich agus an deidh dha Clann Choinnich an t-eilean fhaiginn mu dheireadh dhaibh b’fhèin agus thàinig siothladh de shìth anns […]

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