The community of Uig consists of some 20 small active crofting townships on Loch Roag and the open sea, from Gisla to Brenish. The population is about 400.  Local interest in history and heritage is huge and the Comann Eachdraidh has amassed a large and very detailed body of knowledge.  


Islands of Lewis. To the north-west of Galen-head within six leagues of it, lie the Flannan Islands. The small archipelago of St Kilda consists of five islands Hirta, Boreray, Soay, Dun and Levenish situated 40 miles west of the Hebrides. Pabbay Mor is an island located a few hundred metres off the shore from Valtos in Loch Roag. The name, from the Norse, means Priest’s Island. The island of Vuia Mhor lies between Uig and Great Bernera, east of Reef, and covers an area of 84 hectares. The highest point is Mullach na Beinne (67m) which falls away to the sea at Creag na h-Iolaire (Eagle Cliff). 


Estates. Morsgail is a sporting estate of 12,500 acres, formerly owned by Sir James Matheson.  Scaliscro is a 10,000 acre estate in Uig on the west coast of Lewis overlooking Little Loch Roag. Hamnaway is an estate situated on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis. Uig Lodge was built in 1876 by James Matheson and later given by Lord Leverhulme to his niece as a wedding present.

Shielings of Uig

Shielings (airighean in Gaelic) were summer pastures, usually at some distance from the township and used over generations, and possibly centuries, by family groups. In the spring the men would go out to repair and prepare the simple stone huts and replace the turf roofs, and by mid May the girls of the family would drive the cattle out to the shieling.

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