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March 2012
A rather sparse Islivig gallery

February 2012
A Reef gallery and a Breanish gallery, and Crime Figures 1880-1900.

January 2012
Emigration, with a growing list of emigrant voyages, and Natural History, with mostly external links and as our contribution some 1865 papers on birds and animals; also a summary of  Congested Districts Board activity; and from W Anderson Smith’s Lewsiana, a description of Uig and an interesting rant on the (mal)administration of the Lews from 1886.

23 December 2011
The Isle of Lewis around 1857, from Encyclopædia Britannica (8th Ed., 1857) – notes on export, ‘improvements’, geology etc.

4 September 2011
Introduced a new, cleaner layout and design – all the old pages and elements are still here. There are a few kinks to work out yet but comments welcome, especially if you can’t find something.

31 August 2011
The galleries are back, at www.ceuig.com/all-galleries. Not very pretty just at the moment and the captions are yet to do but work is ongoing and this should work much better. Notice a new ‘ByVillage’ link, where we’ll upload many more of our archive photos… so far just Mangersta and a bit of Kneep, but many more to come.  The website will be offline for a bit this weekend to implement a major redesign.

12 August 2011
Getting there with the galleries – quite a slick new solution and some major uploading going on just now. Stand by. Also some new crofting and church record lists for Breanish – see the Breanish page for links (and also the list of a few more documents to come. Doing this for all the townships.)

8 August 2011
Due to some incompatibilities between latest versions of some of the programmes that run on this site, the galleries are broken. Sorry about that.  I wasn’t happy with the gallery software anyway (NGG on WP, if you’re interested) so a new version will be forthcoming.

2 June 2011
The 1939-1945 Roll of Honour for West Uig, as published by the Comann Eachdraidh in 1983, is now available for download as a PDF.

27 March 2011
After some anguished appeals, the ‘Share’ pop-up has been removed: now just some tidy buttons that allow you to add to the Biscuit Tin (ie, bookmark for future reference); print an uncluttered page or alternatively make a fairly tidy-looking PDF; or share via Twitter, Facebook, Delicious and Diigo. Plenty more sharing options available so if there’s a service you use and want a button added, let me know.

6 March 2011
Valtos births in the OPR, 1824-1845; and lists of tenants, rents and arrears in 1824 for Breanish, Mangersta, Carnish, Ardroil (Capadal, Pennydonald and Balnicol), Valtos, Kneep, Reef and the Bays. Also a list of all known Norse or horizontal mills in Uig, drawn from Dr Finlay Macleod’s book on the subject.

27 February 2011
Location of Uig School Records.

20 February 2011

A page of Valtos marriages (1824 to 1869) from the Old Parish Register

12 February 2011
A Walking Group page for the new group (routes and maps may come later) and a new post category: weather.

6 February 2011
The Parish of Uig in 1896 from the Gazetteer of Scotland (thanks to Direcleit for the reminder).

4 February 2011
Population of Uig and a new page of snippets of outside news stories – Hebridean, Viking and Gaelic.

2 February 2011
Some Uig data from the 1991 Census; and a page on the threatened Coastguard closures, with news links and how to protest this reckless proposal.

28 January 2011
List of Militia Men 1797 in Uig

26 January 2011
After an unseemly delay, we’re back, with a pile of interesting stuff to sort through and publish. Stay tuned for more regular postings.  The best news is that Shona Mackenzie, Kneep, has been collecting bàrdachd in Uig and will be putting it online here, with the stories behind the songs, photos and recordings, starting with Peigi Oighrig’s first piece, Sgìre Ùige.

20 November 2010
Continued apologies. Meanwhile the Baile na Cille cemetery inscriptions are now online, and a link on every page to the Linda Norgrove Foundation.

19 September 2010
With apologies for the lack of activity lately (your web editor has a new job)… Share buttons now added to every post and page, to allow for easy emailing, facebooking or twittering of things you find interesting and want to pass on. Thanks to Catriona N for the reminder that they’ve been missing since the revamp.  Also fixed (I think) the rotating images on the home page: if you hover and click on one of them, you’ll get the relevant story. Also 1867 tenant lists for Crowlista, Breanish, Mangersta, Islivig, Aird, Geshader and Ungeshader/Enaclete.

24 August 2010
List of Hudson’s Bay Company men, from Uig and the rest of the island.

22 August 2010
List of tenants in Carnish (1850), Valtos/Cliff (1867) and Kneep/Uigen (1867); and 19 wedding pictures.

19 August 2010
First attempt at a Shieling list, with map references and ownership where known.

1 August 2010
Added pages on Early Schools and Uig Farms.

30 July 2010
New website launched, with some pages on History and Places that aim to provide more detailed information than the blogposts can accommodate, and a Biscuit Tin for saving favourite posts. See The New Website for more details.

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