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Documented photographic archives

Photos of locals, people at work, school photos as far back as 1905, a professional photographic archive of the Lewis chessmen, currently being exhibited at the British Museum and Weddings. We have archives from almost 200 years ago, showing us the day to day lives how locals of Uig lived.

Village Galleries

Villages – Photos from Kneep, Breanish, Islivig, Mangersta, Valtos, Reef and Geshder

Aig an Obair

Aig an Obair – People at work. Photos of peats workers, boats, Crofting and crofters and fanks.

School Photos

School Photos – School years and classes. Photo galleries from as far back as 1905.

Lewis Chessmen Gallery

Lewis Chessmen Gallery – Photos of the real chessmen, a professional photographic archive of the Lewis chessmen. Taken by the british museum where they are currently being held.


Weddings – Wonderful celebrations of weddings on and off the island.

In Uniform

In Uniform – Lewis and Uig men dressed in Military and Naval uniform.

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