• Lochcroistean School, 1946-7

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     Lochcroistean School, 1946-7

    How about another school photo.  Click to enlarge.

    Back:  Annabella Matheson (Babag) Teacher
    Murdo Morrison 1A Ungeshader
    William Faulkner Macdonald 11 Geshader
    Angus Morrison 1A Ungeshader
    Neil Macdonald 11 Geshader
    John Macdonald 11 Geshader
    Donald Finlay Macleod 8 Carishader
    Norman Maciver Teacher

    Third row:  Christine Macdonald 3 Geshader
    Agnes Smith Croistean Cottage
    Maggie Bell Macleod 1 Ungeshader
    Margaret Ferguson Kinloch
    Catherine Macritchie 4 Carishader
    Catherine Macdonald 11 Geshader
    Christine Macritchie 4 Carishader

    Second row:  Norma Maciver Schoolhouse
    Betsy Morrison 1A Ungeshader
    Dolly Alice Macleod 2 Enaclete
    Cathie Margaret Macleod 2 Enaclete
    Dolly Mary Burness Scaliscro
    Johan Mackay 1 Carishader
    Agnes Mackay 1 Carishader
    Katie Mary Morrison 1A Ungeshader

    Front:  Neil Norman Macritchie 4 Carishader
    Donald John Maciver Schoolhouse

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