Excursion to Ness, 1928

An Uigeachs’ excursion to Ness in 1928.  Left to right:

Mary Macaulay (Maireag na Lodge)
Lady from Shawbost?
Catherine Morrison, Carnish (later Mrs Matheson, 6 Ardroil)
Dan Finlayson, 1 Ardroil
Jessie Mackenzie (Jessie Alasdair Bhig), Aird
Mrs Finlayson, 1 Ardroil
John Smith (Iain Shiadair), 13 Ardroil
Peter Macritchie (Taillear), 4 Ardroil
Chirstag Finlayson (Chirstag an Talaich), 1 Ardroil
Murdo Finlayson (Murchadh an Talaich), Montana
Katie Mary, Shawbost