Mairead Maclennan, 36 Cliff

Mairead Maclennan was born to 36 Cliff (at Craigard, on the hill opposite where the houses are now) in 1883.  She went to work in Paisley as a seamstress for J&P Coats, the manufacturers of sewing cotton, at Ferguslie Park

She was the only one in the house with a German sewing machine and when it broke down during the Great War, the serviceman refused to repair it because of its provenance until Mr Coats intervened and informed the man that no one in the house did more for the Red Cross than Mairead, and the machine was repaired.

During the war Mairead contracted influenza and never fully recovered her health.  She returned to the family home at 36 Cliff and spent her last years there with her sister and sister-in-law.  The family remember her as a very kind and gentle lady.