• Summer Outing, 1950s

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    Excursion to Harris


    The first tea-break on an outing from Uig to Harris; the stop was on the main road in the dip by the Leurbost road end.  Peter Smith on the melodeon.  Clockwise from the suit:

    1. (in the suit) Angus Macdonald 11 Geshader (Anga)
    2. Effie Mackenzie Earshader (Eiric Six)
    3. Cathie Margaret Macleod 2 Enaclete
    5. Alasdair Macleod 14 Crowlista (Alasdair Dubh)
    6. Murdanie Maciver 4 Geshader
    7. Mary Macdonald Gisla
    8. Murdanie Maclean 5 Aird (Murdanie Shoggie)
    9. Finlay Maciver 4 Geshader (Fionnlagh Beag)
    10. Nora Macdonald 11 Geshader (Nora a’Lion)
    11. (centre)
    12. (melodeon) Peter Smith 2 Ungeshader

    There’s a story about an outing to Keose (though not an Uig story) at 5 Dalmore.

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