The Day of the Whale


Years ago a dead whale was spotted drifting offshore by some of the Islivig bodachs.  It was just a bit south of the Islivig/Brenish boundary and was drifting further south.  They launched a boat and managed to attach a rope and then proceeded to tow the carcase to Camus Islivig. 


The Brenish bodachs saw what was going on and were furious and put to sea in their boat determined to reclaim their property.  Once they had a secure grip they were able to drag the whale and the Islivig boat, with full sail, south until they reached Pol Shibachd where they beached the monster.  Presumably the wind was in their favour.  The Islivig bodachs were not only humiliated but also incensed that, despite having been first to the prize, they had nothing to show for their efforts.  A fierce fight ensued with a few bloody noses and knockdowns scored on each side. 


The Islivig bodachs withdrew to consider their options, and to consume a cheese that one of them had brought to sustain them.  When they returned to continue the fight, to their amazement the Brenish bodachs offered to share the whale.  However this did not satisfy the pride of the Islivig contingent and they left, threatening to go to law over the rightful ownership of the whale.  In Stornoway were a number of family members who were in trade and they would surely back them financially.  It seems that these Stornoway merchants had better things to do with their money and nothing came of it.


(Dave Roberts/Iain Macdonald/Calum Buchanan)