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    Congested Bulls

    by  • 20 January 2012 • Crofting, History, Land Issues • 0 Comments

    The Valtos Bull

    One of the popular schemes of the Congested Districts Board (1898-1912) was the provision of bulls, rams and stallions, on loan, to crofting parishes where the stock was in need of improvement. Uig did particularly well on the bulls, it seems.

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    Spring Cleaning in 1851

    by  • 9 January 2012 • Emigration, Land Issues • 0 Comments

    Ruins at Carnish

    The late 1840s were years of desperation in Lewis (as elsewhere), with much of the population near to starvation and dependent on ‘destitution meal’ from the Proprietor. The solution that presented itself was assisted and effectively compulsory emigration; here are the numbers fixed on for emigration from Uig in 1851.

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    Spring Cleaning in 1851

    by  • 9 January 2012 •  • 2 Comments

    The late 1840s were years of desperation in Lewis (as elsewhere), with much of the population near to starvation and dependent on ‘destitution meal’ from the Proprietor, Sir James Matheson, who according to the Poor Law Act of 1845 was obliged to do something about his famished tenants. Weakened, overcrowded and in many cases without [...]

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    Kneep Gallery

    by  • 5 September 2011 •  • 0 Comments

    8kneep-042.jpg Kneep 8kneep-019.jpg 1965 8kneep-030.jpg 8kneep-040.jpg 8kneep-037.jpg 1965 Kneep 8kneep-014.jpg Christina Macritchie 8kneep-021.jpg 8kneep-013.jpg 8kneep-038.jpg 8kneep-029.jpg 8kneep-007.jpg Domhnall Donn and Hannah Duncan Macdonald, Kneep 8kneep-023.jpg 8kneep-035.jpg The Kneep Boat 8kneep-026.jpg 8kneep-015.jpg 8kneep-009.jpg 8kneep-049.jpg 8kneep-033.jpg 8kneep-022.jpg Kenny and Agnes 8kneep-011.jpg 8kneep-006.jpg 1965 8kneep-034.jpg 8kneep-005.jpg 8kneep-004.jpg 8kneep-002.jpg Share

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    Kneep Rents & Arrears 1824

    by  • 6 March 2011 •  • 0 Comments

    A list of tenants and their rents and arrears in 1824, from the Seaforth Muniments (estate papers). Tenant Rent Arrears Murdoch Maciver £ 5.17.6 £ 23.6.7 Murdoch Maciver £ 5.9.6 £ 7.8.10 Malcolm Morrison £ 5.10.0 £ 16.19.1 Malcolm Morrison £ 5.9.6 £ 18.6.4½ Murdoch Smith £ 6.5.6 £ 19.19.1 Malcolm Macdonald £ 5.2.6 £ [...]

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    Kneep Tenants 1867

    by  • 23 August 2010 •  • 0 Comments

    From Estate papers, tenants of Kneep (including Uigen and the manse) in 1867. No. Tenant Rent 1 Donald Maclennan (Kenneth) £ 3.6.0 2 Donald Macdonald £ 3.6.0 3 Angus Maciver £ 3.6.0 4 Norman Macdonald (John) £ 4.4.6 5 Donald Matheson £ 4.4.6 6 Widow Chris. Buchanan £ 6.6.0 7 Kenneth Smith (Murdo) £ 3.2.0 [...]

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    A Party on Pabbay, 1947

    by  • 4 June 2011 • Archive photos • 0 Comments

    [singlepic id=1325 w=610] Back: 1. Sandy Morrison Balallan? 2. 3. 4. Molly Morrison from Bragad, teacher at Valtos School, married to Sandy Morrison Balallan 5. Molly’s sister? 6. Norman Buchanan 8 Valtos 7. Peggy Buchanan (ms Newall) 6 Kneep 8. Shonnie Buchanan 8 Valtos? 9. Middle: 10. Donald Murdo Buchanan 8 Valtos 11. 12. Isobel [...]

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    Sgìre Ùige

    by  • 25 January 2011 • Bàrdachd, Gàidhlig, Placenames • 0 Comments

    Tha Peigi Oighrig NicÌomhair (anns a mheadhan) air iomadh òrain a sgrìobhadh thar na bliadhnaichean. Rugadh Peigi air a’ Chnìp, Sgìre Uig ann an 1926 agus gu dearbha fhèin bha teanga nam bàrd a’ ruith troimh ‘n teaghlach aice. Bha grand uncle dhith ‘Dòmhnall Donn’ na bhàrd baile air a’ Chnìp na latha, agus sgìobh Aonghas Coinneach, bràthair Pheigi fhein, mòran òrain agus rannan.

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    Wedding Telegrams of the 1960s

    by  • 14 May 2010 • Archive photos, Life in Uig • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=1121,797] Our wedding collection is growing slowly but surely, and new in today are 1960s wedding telegrams and some lovely photos. Most will be on display in the tearoom within a week or two but meanwhile… Mrs and Mrs Kenny Maclennan, 15 Kneep (Coinneach a’ Loin and Agnes Smith, Lochcroistean – above) were married 22 [...]

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    Sandy and Mary, 1959

    by  • 6 May 2010 • Archive photos, Life in Uig, People • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=1119,827] From the Stornoway Gazette supplement, 18 December 1959. Wedding bells have been ringing in Mangersta for the past year. Cupid started at one end of the village leaving a spate of marriages in his trail. The most recent of these was solemnised in the East Church, Inverness, on the 10th November when Mary Morrison, [...]

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    Fishing Boats in Uig

    by  • 11 March 2010 • Fishing, History, Transport • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=637,,386] Many thanks to Donald J Macleod of Enaclete and Bridge of Don for his research into the fishing boats of Uig. He adds that these boats used lines and not trawls to catch white fish. It was the end of March and beginning of April that was known as the ‘Hungry month’ in Gaelic [...]

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    Another find at Kneep

    by  • 11 February 2010 • Archaeology • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=1074,429] From Dave Roberts, first published in Uig News. Thanks to Andrew McVean for the photo of Carol Knott excavating at Kneep Headland. In the middle of January fragments of human bones began to appear in large numbers on the surface of the sand at Kneep headland. The location was very close to the three [...]

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    Dòmhnall Cam and the Blind Woman

    by  • 8 February 2010 • Tales & Traditions • 1 Comment

    We do fairly harp on the heroic stories of Dòmhnall Càm, the local chieftain, warrior and cattle-plunderer, particularly ruthless in wars against the Morrisons of Ness, but there are some deeply unpleasant traditions about him too. The following is from Capt FWL Thomas’s Traditions of the Macaulays (1880). Donald Cam and the Gow Ban [the [...]

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    Kneep | Cnip

    by  • 25 July 2010 •  • 0 Comments

    The village of Kneep is situated on the Valtos Peninsula in Uig, between Valtos and Reef.  Crofts 1 to 15 are next to Valtos, and much fragmented (see here). The fifteen crofts comprised in the 1950s over 180 arable plots. Crofts 16 to 18 and the Manse are located across the peninsula at what is [...]

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    Hogmanay in the Capital, 1943

    by  • 1 January 2010 • Entertainments, WWII • 1 Comment

    The pressmen get their snaps – Lewisfolk provide a little colour Stornoway Gazette, 21 Jan 1944 American press photographers visited the vicinity of St Pauls on Hogmanay to pick up a few colourful pictures of New Year celebrations in London. A group of Lewisfolk gave them their best ‘shots’ of the evening when Pipers Findlater [...]

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    An Iolaire Survivor

    by  • 8 November 2009 • Military & Police, WWI • 1 Comment

    [singlepic=969,382] Translated from an interview with An Geal, John Maclennan, born 1896 at 15 Kneep and married at 4 Aird, Uig. The Admiralty ship the Iolaire taking servicemen home to Lewis grounded on the Beasts of Holm outside Stornoway, on the 1st of January 1919. More than two hundred men perished. Translated by Maggie Smith. [...]

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    Dòmhnall Donn and Hannah

    by  • 21 October 2009 • Archive photos • 2 Comments

    [singlepic=937,424] Dòmhnall Donn (Donald Maciver, b 1862) and his wife Hannah Maclean (b 1874) in Kneep.  Dòmhnall was a noted bard and on his deathbed passed his gift to his great-niece Peigi Eiric Maciver (now Smith). Share

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