Wedding Telegrams of the 1960s

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Our wedding collection is growing slowly but surely, and new in today are 1960s wedding telegrams and some lovely photos. Most will be on display in the tearoom within a week or two but meanwhile…

Mrs and Mrs Kenny Maclennan, 15 Kneep (Coinneach a’ Loin and Agnes Smith, Lochcroistean – above) were married 22 Nov 1962 at Baile na Cille church, with the reception at the Crown Hotel in Stornoway. Agnes and Kenny’s wedding was also the occasion for which am Bard Bochd wrote Banais Una.

Congratulations, may all your cross words be puzzles.

Congratulations, sentence passed no reprieve.

Man is made of ashes and dust but the bite from his side is a good bit of stuff.

May your joys be as deep as the snow in the glen and your sorrows as few as the teeth in a hen.

May your joys be frequent as Uig rains, your sorrows rare as Uig trains.

Congratulations, insure your nightie in case it gets lifted.

Congratulations, Hearts two, United one, juvenile results later.

Mr and Mrs Malcolm Campbell, Garrabost, married 17 March 1960 (Dollag Scoddie, 5 Ardroil, and Bidan; a nurse and a butcher). We also have Dollag’s wedding dress on display.

My good friend Kate always said to me
Be sure and marry a Lewis lassie
Now Calum has done it for better not worse
He lost his ulcer but he won the nurse

Congratulations, may the outcome of this union be a howling success.

May all your troubles be little butchers and nurses.

Meallanaigheachd Dolly, bho fhuair thu Beedan feuch nis gu fiagh thu beedan eile.

Heartiest congratulations; invasion at midnight beware secret weapon.

Give him ham, give him spam, give him strength to push the pram.

Congratulations; orange blossoms this year, orange juice the next.

May more than a fence run round your garden.

Navigation lights not required on tonight’s mission.

Cuimhnich Delilah [Remember Delilah]

There are some wartime wedding telegrams here.