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    Schools in Uig before the Education Act

    by  • 7 February 2009 • Education • 8 Comments

    From Sanais, 1988, with some additions.

    The first school in the Western Isles was founded shortly after 1610, when the Seaforth Mackenzies gained possession of the island, and in 1680, a report by ‘Indweller’ says that the Seaforth school had done much good, not only for Lewis but also for the adjacent isles. Other schools followed.

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    Getting Rid of the Buannas

    by  • 2 October 2008 • History, Tales & Traditions • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=270,328] Abridged from Dolly Doctor’s Tales and Traditions of the Lews (Acair): The Buannaichean or Buannas of the Lord of the Isles were a set of picked warriors who were supposed to keep close to him and protect him from danger, especially when he left his own district.  They were outstanding in strength and stature, […]

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    O Tha Mi Dol Dhachaidh gu Eilean mo Ghràidh

    by  • 28 September 2008 • Bàrdachd, Gàidhlig • 0 Comments

    A song by Peigi Eiric Smith, Kneep, which was performed at our Good Night Out in Uig last Friday. O tha mi dol dhachaidh gu Eilean mo ghràidh A dh’ionnsaidh a’ bhaile ‘s an robh mi nam’ phàisd’ a dh’fhaicinn gach machair gach loch agus tràigh ‘S mi’n duigh iomadh mile bho dhuthaich mo ghràidh. […]

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    Valtos Wee Ones, 1923

    by  • 17 September 2008 • Archive photos, Education • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=297,342] Teacher Mary Ann Maciver 11 Kneep, later married Norman Macdonald Reef (Gruaigen) Back: 1. James Macrae Miavaig (Seumas na Cost) 2. Angus Smith 20 Valtos (Prof) 3. Malcolm Mackay 13 Kneep (Kiman) 4. Angus Macdonald 16 Uigen (Gurason) 5. Alasdair Macleod 39 Cliff (Sandy Post) 6. Angus John Macdonald 8 Kneep (Max) Middle: 7. […]

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    Valtos Juniors, 1923

    by  • 17 September 2008 • Archive photos, Education • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=298,354] Back: 1. 2. Malcolm Maclean 26 Valtos (Calum Beag Garbh) 3. Louis Macdonald 11 Reef (Louis na Scallag) 4. Donald Matheson 39 Cliff (Domhnall a Bheiceir) 5. Murdo Macleod 2 Reef (Murchadh Dodge) 6. Donald Macleod 2 Reef (Buganach) 7. Duncan Macdonald 22 Valtos (Donnchadh Silver) Middle: 8. Donald Macdonald 16 Uigen 9. William […]

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    Grievances Told to the Napier Commission

    by  • 17 September 2008 • Crofting, History, Land Issues • 1 Comment

    The Napier Commission came to Miavaig on 4 June 1883, led by Lord Napier, and took evidence from Murdo Maclean, fishcurer in Valtos, Donald Matheson Kneep and Norman Morrison Brenish, and from the Chamberlain, William Mackay. Among the grievances enumerated by the crofters were issues to do with the keeper and shooting tenants in the […]

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    Valtos School 1904

    by  • 7 September 2008 • Archive photos, Education • 5 Comments

    [singlepic=165,550,245] There were 104 pupils at Valtos School in 1904.  This key may help with the identification. 1 Mr Cameron 2 Flora Maciver Kneep (Floraidh nighean Mairead Alasdair) 3 Christina Mackay 21 Valtos (Cairstiona Rothaich) 4 Mary Matheson Kneep (Mairi Smiodaidh) 5 Betty Buchanan (Beit Dhomhnaill an t-Saighdear) 6 Barbara Maciver 25 Valtos (Bab Tharmoid […]

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    The Return of the Irish

    by  • 29 August 2008 • CEU, History, News & Events • 0 Comments

    This week the Comann Eachdraidh was pleased to welcome Mr and Mrs Jack Duncan from Michigan, USA, on their first visit to Uig. Jack is the great grandson of “An Irish”, Calum Macritchie, a well-known character in his day and one of the leaders of the Reef Raiders in 1913. Jack’s grandparents were Tarmod an Irish and […]

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    Mac an Irish

    by  • 21 August 2008 • History • 1 Comment

    Mac an Irish, a dance and pipe tune (click for more; music courtesy of Sven Axelsson) was evidently written about a son of “An Irish”, Calum Macritchie (b1845) of Carnish, Aird, Kneep and Reef, and the eldest of the Reef Raiders.  He wasn’t Irish of course, but so called as he was always a rebel.  We don’t know which son is the Mac […]

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    The Smith of Kneep

    by  • 16 August 2008 • Tales & Traditions • 0 Comments

    From Donald Macdonald’s Tales and Traditions of the Lews: One of the best warriors of the parish of Uig was the Gobha Bàn, the fair smith, who lived at Kneep while Donald Càm was settled at Valtos.  The Gobha Bàn was stronger than Donald Càm but was not as clever with the sword.  The smith […]

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    Uig Deforcers Refusing to Appear, 1885

    by  • 15 August 2008 • History, Land Issues • 0 Comments

    From the Scottish Highlander, 25 Sept 1885: The Uig Deforcers Refusing to Appear Before Sheriff Black.– Ten fishermen from Valtos, Uig, and Lewis were cited to appear on Tuesday before Sheriff-Substitute Black on the charges of assault and breach of the public peace, by attacking and assaulting John Fraser, sheriff-officer, Stornoway, and his concurrents, on […]

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    Letter from Reef, 1920

    by  • 11 August 2008 • History, Land Issues • 0 Comments

    After the Reef Raiders were tried, briefly imprisoned and let home to a hero’s welcome in 1914, the Great War intervened before anything was done about the lotting of Reef. Even after the end of the war, it appeared that nothing was going to happen. The following is from the men of Kneep and Valtos, most […]

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    The Reef Raiders

    by  • 9 August 2008 • History, Land Issues • 0 Comments

    Some of the Reef Raiders:  Alexander Mackay, Valtos (Alasdair Dhomhnaill Aonghais) Allan Morrison 3 Kneep (Ailean Tharmoid Tharmoid Ruaidh) Malcolm Macritchie Kneep (an Irish) Murdo Mackay 30 Valtos (Murchadh Aonghais Aonghais) Angus Mackay 18 Valtos (Aonghas Tharmoid Aonghais) John Morrison 13 Kneep (Iain Tharmoid Tharmoid Ruaidh, or an Cupair) Donald Maclennan Reithmir (Domhnall Ruadh, the […]

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    Valtos, Kneep and Reef Grazings, 1959

    by  • 6 August 2008 • History, Land Issues • 0 Comments

    Click to show shieling grounds.  Map and area in acres from Uig, a Hebridean Parish (1960). Valtos (36 tenants) 149 inbye 1482 adjacent pastures 3905 detached/shielings Kneep (18 tenants) 155 inbye 459 adjacent 1806 detached/shielings Reef (14 tenants) 94 inbye 207 adjacent 101 machair 770 detached Total (68 tenants, 14 absent) 398 inbye 2249 adjacent/machair 6481 […]

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    Peigi an Irish and Morgan

    by  • 5 August 2008 • Archive photos, Crofting • 0 Comments

    Peigi an Irish (nee Macritchie, b1890) from 8 Kneep was married twice; her first husband Murdo Mackay was killed in the Great War, and her second was Donald Matheson (Buckie) from 4 Valtos.  She was the tenant of 5 Reef, after her father.  Murdo Macdonald (Morgan, b1866) was born to 4 Kneep and took 15 Reef. Note […]

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