A Party on Pabbay, 1947

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Back: 1. Sandy Morrison Balallan?
4. Molly Morrison from Bragad, teacher at Valtos School, married to Sandy Morrison Balallan
5. Molly’s sister?
6. Norman Buchanan 8 Valtos
7. Peggy Buchanan (ms Newall) 6 Kneep
8. Shonnie Buchanan 8 Valtos?

Middle: 10. Donald Murdo Buchanan 8 Valtos
12. Isobel Newall
13. Ann Newall
14. Murdo Morrison (son of Molly)

Front: 15. Malcolm John Buchanan 8 Valtos

According to the legend on the back of the photo, in this group are “Uncle Alex, Norman Buchanan and his three boys, the teacher, her sister, husband and uncle and two boys, Calum Smith’s boy and one of Kenneth Beag’s grandchildren” – some of which are covered above. If you can add anything please do.