The Girls at Gearraidh Thodail

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Left, Mairead Macdonald (8 Kneep) and right, her sister Chirsty Ann (Ciorstaidh Anna a’Phurpois) at the shieling at Gearraidh Thodail.  The shieling is at NB095290, between Suainebhal and Direadh Beinn, and the Comann Eachdraidh visited it last summer – see pictures.

Chirsty Ann was born in 1912 and so this was taken about 1930.  Note the turf roof, patched with an old sail.  The tin vessels were made by the tinkers who resided during the season in Glen Valtos.  The girls hold a quart jug and a sieve, which was lined with muslin to filter the milk carefully, and the pail was also of tin.

Our picture of the year, I reckon.  Many thanks to Chrissie for the loan of it.