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    Schools in Uig before the Education Act

    by  • 7 February 2009 • Education • 8 Comments

    From Sanais, 1988, with some additions.

    The first school in the Western Isles was founded shortly after 1610, when the Seaforth Mackenzies gained possession of the island, and in 1680, a report by ‘Indweller’ says that the Seaforth school had done much good, not only for Lewis but also for the adjacent isles. Other schools followed.

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    The Gathering

    by  • 12 November 2008 • Crofting, History, Life in Uig, Wool & Weaving • 1 Comment

    This account of the gathering of the sheep into the Gisla fank for the clipping was written by David Henderson and first published in the Scots Magazine in August 1995.  These large-scale community gatherings are now, sadly, a thing of the past.  There are more pictures in the gallery, and of the fank at Loch […]

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    Interned at Groningen in 1914

    by  • 30 October 2008 • History, Military & Police, WWI • 12 Comments

    This unidentified sailor with the Naval Division is believed to be one of those interned in Holland in 1914.  The picture was taken at Groningen, and comes to us from 10 Mangersta.  Is he one of the Uigeachs listed below who spent the war in “HMS Timbertown”?  The following was written by Dave Roberts for […]

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    Valtos Wee Ones, 1923

    by  • 17 September 2008 • Archive photos, Education • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=297,342] Teacher Mary Ann Maciver 11 Kneep, later married Norman Macdonald Reef (Gruaigen) Back: 1. James Macrae Miavaig (Seumas na Cost) 2. Angus Smith 20 Valtos (Prof) 3. Malcolm Mackay 13 Kneep (Kiman) 4. Angus Macdonald 16 Uigen (Gurason) 5. Alasdair Macleod 39 Cliff (Sandy Post) 6. Angus John Macdonald 8 Kneep (Max) Middle: 7. […]

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    Valtos Juniors, 1923

    by  • 17 September 2008 • Archive photos, Education • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=298,354] Back: 1. 2. Malcolm Maclean 26 Valtos (Calum Beag Garbh) 3. Louis Macdonald 11 Reef (Louis na Scallag) 4. Donald Matheson 39 Cliff (Domhnall a Bheiceir) 5. Murdo Macleod 2 Reef (Murchadh Dodge) 6. Donald Macleod 2 Reef (Buganach) 7. Duncan Macdonald 22 Valtos (Donnchadh Silver) Middle: 8. Donald Macdonald 16 Uigen 9. William […]

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    Grievances Told to the Napier Commission

    by  • 17 September 2008 • Crofting, History, Land Issues • 1 Comment

    The Napier Commission came to Miavaig on 4 June 1883, led by Lord Napier, and took evidence from Murdo Maclean, fishcurer in Valtos, Donald Matheson Kneep and Norman Morrison Brenish, and from the Chamberlain, William Mackay. Among the grievances enumerated by the crofters were issues to do with the keeper and shooting tenants in the […]

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    The Rose

    by  • 15 September 2008 • CEU, Fishing, History • 0 Comments

    The Rose was built c1905 by John Macaulay, boatbuilder, of 19 Brenish.  She was first taken to Kneep, then Reef, and latterly belonged to a consortium of Valtos men.  In 2007 she was gifted to the Comann Eachdraidh, and we commissioned another John Macaulay, boatbuilder, from Harris, to restore her to her former glory.  The […]

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    A Concert in Valtos, 1913

    by  • 10 September 2008 • Entertainments, Life in Uig • 0 Comments

    Highland News, 22 March 1913: A most enjoyable concert in aid of the Uig and Bernera Cattle Show Fund was held in Valtos Public School  on Friday 14th inst.,  Mr Duncan Maclean Gisla presiding.  Despite the wintry weather there was a crowded house, parties having come from the Island of Bernera and as far west […]

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    Valtos School 1904

    by  • 7 September 2008 • Archive photos, Education • 5 Comments

    [singlepic=165,550,245] There were 104 pupils at Valtos School in 1904.  This key may help with the identification. 1 Mr Cameron 2 Flora Maciver Kneep (Floraidh nighean Mairead Alasdair) 3 Christina Mackay 21 Valtos (Cairstiona Rothaich) 4 Mary Matheson Kneep (Mairi Smiodaidh) 5 Betty Buchanan (Beit Dhomhnaill an t-Saighdear) 6 Barbara Maciver 25 Valtos (Bab Tharmoid […]

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    Rev David Watson’s Boundary Dispute

    by  • 25 August 2008 • Church, History, Land Issues • 0 Comments

    David Watson was ordained as minister of Uig in 1845 but as the congregation had mostly migrated to the Free Church, his Church remained largely empty. He was at odds with the people and the estate, as the following notes in the 1851 diary (published by Acair) of the Chamberlain John Munro Mackenzie attest: Thursday […]

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    Home Leave 1917

    by  • 25 August 2008 • History • 0 Comments

      A combined leave and railway ticket dated 20 June 1917, from France via Boulogne and Folkestone to Stornoway. It came from the Maclennan family of Valtos and we thought it had belonged to Alex Maclennan Reithmir, though he was in the Ross Mountain Battery rather than the Gordon Highlanders, but a newspaper report from 13 […]

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    Early Weaving in Uig

    by  • 23 August 2008 • Life in Uig, Wool & Weaving • 0 Comments

    From an article for Uig News by Dave Roberts: The Harris Tweed industry, according to the traditional story, is said to have begun in the mid-19th century. The two Macleod sisters, originally from Pabbay in the Sound of Harris, were living in a blackhouse in Strond and producing tweeds on their looms. The story is […]

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