A Treat for a Cold Friday: Uig, 1964-65

Many thanks once again to Robin Forrest for providing these wonderful, and previously unknown to us, pictures of Uig in 1964-65, taken by his father Sam Forrest on Land Court business.  Some things have changed… some have not!

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6 thoughts on “A Treat for a Cold Friday: Uig, 1964-65

  1. A treat indeed, Sarah. How wonderful to see scenes of Uig which show people and signs of human activity, washing on the line, hayrigs and cows. Absolutely beautiful.

  2. As someone with a substantial gallery of Uig photographs, I completely agree with Teen Anne`s assessment. A superb selection of photographs accurately depicting the era.

  3. It was wonderful to see these photo’s from the 1960s, particularly the one of Crowlista with the old Blackhouse in the foreground because my grandfather was born there in 1894.
    Robert M. Adams photographed the same scene in April 1938, and it is interesting to see these later photographs taken before the old blackhouses disapeared completely.

  4. Both Peter N’s and my father were born in blackhouse in Crowlista. My father being the last born in 1920. The ruins are all that remain

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