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    Spring Cleaning in 1851

    by  • 9 January 2012 • Emigration, Land Issues • 0 Comments

    The late 1840s were years of desperation in Lewis (as elsewhere), with much of the population near to starvation and dependent on ‘destitution meal’ from the Proprietor. The solution that presented itself was assisted and effectively compulsory emigration; here are the numbers fixed on for emigration from Uig in 1851.

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    Lochcroistean School, c1928

    by  • 4 November 2009 • Archive photos, Education • 3 Comments

    [singlepic=946,373] Lochcroistean School, c1928. Teachers Annie Macaulay 35 Cliff and Donald Macarthur, Carloway. Back Row:1. Angus Hugh Smith, 2 Carishader 2. Angus John Macdonald, 6 Carishader 3. Donald Macritchie, 4 Enaclete 4. Donald John Mackay, 6 Geshader 5. Malcolm John Smith, 2 Ungeshader 6. Donald Smith, 2 Ungeshader 7. Donald Gillies, 9 Carishader 8. John […]

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    Taigh a’Chladaich, Ungeshader

    by  • 29 June 2009 • Archive photos • 5 Comments

    Some of the Smiths who lived at 2 Ungeshader, and their house, Taigh a’Chladaich, right on the shore there.  In the first photo are Annie Smith (Anna Chladaich), Mary Smith (Mairi Choinnich), Effie Smith (Eiric Choinnich), Annie Smith (Banntrach Choinnich Oig), and Kenny Dan Smith. [singlepic=697,342] [singlepic=696,334]

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    Banais Una

    by  • 4 June 2009 • Audio, Entertainments, Gàidhlig • 2 Comments

    [audio:banais una RB finlay.mp3] Verses written by Norman “Conter” Macleod, am Bard Bochd and for many years headmaster at Lochcroistean, on the occasion of the marriage of Agnes Smith, Lochcroistean, to Kenny Maclennan, 15 Kneep.  It was sung at the wedding by Kenny Dan Smith, 2 Ungeshader; and the reading here is by Finlay Maciver […]

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    Lochcroistean School 1929-30

    by  • 12 February 2009 • Archive photos, Education • 2 Comments

    [singlepic=454,380] Teachers Donald Macarthur (Soup) and Annie Macaulay 35 Cliff (Anna Bheag) Back Row 1. Peter Macleod 9 Enaclete 2. Farquhar Macdonald 12 Carishader 3. Angus Hugh Smith 2 Carishader 4. Donald Macritchie 4 Enaclete 5. Calum Iain Smith 2B Ungeshader 6. Donald Gilleis 9 Carishader 7. John Murdo Mackay 1 Carishader 8. John MAcdonald […]

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    Interned at Groningen in 1914

    by  • 30 October 2008 • History, Military & Police, WWI • 12 Comments

    This unidentified sailor with the Naval Division is believed to be one of those interned in Holland in 1914.  The picture was taken at Groningen, and comes to us from 10 Mangersta.  Is he one of the Uigeachs listed below who spent the war in “HMS Timbertown”?  The following was written by Dave Roberts for […]

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    Lochcroistean School 1934 – the Boys

    by  • 24 August 2008 • Archive photos, History • 0 Comments

    LOCHCROISTEAN SCHOOL 1934 Teacher Kenneth Smith (Souse) Back: 1. Angus Murdo Matheson 8 Enaclete (Gong) 2. Roddy MacIsaac 5 Geshader (Roddy na Candle) 3. Angus Maciver 4 Geshader (Bain) 4. Kenneth Beaton 7 Geshader & Glasgow 5. Donald Macleod 1 Ungeshader (an t-Iaruinn) 6. Neil Macleod 9 Enaclete (Nuilc) 7. John Macleod 8 Carishader (Peileag) […]

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    Early Weaving in Uig

    by  • 23 August 2008 • Life in Uig, Wool & Weaving • 0 Comments

    From an article for Uig News by Dave Roberts: The Harris Tweed industry, according to the traditional story, is said to have begun in the mid-19th century. The two Macleod sisters, originally from Pabbay in the Sound of Harris, were living in a blackhouse in Strond and producing tweeds on their looms. The story is […]

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    Lochcroistean School 1934 – the Girls

    by  • 21 August 2008 • Archive photos • 0 Comments

    Teacher: Annie Macaulay, 35 Cliff Back: 1. Dolina Smith 2 Ungeshader (Dollag a Choisich) 2. Effie Smith 2 Ungeshader (Eiric Choinnich) 3. Chirsty Macdonald 11 Geshader (Goody) d1939 diphtheria 4. Mary Smith Croistean Cottage 5. Dolina Nicolson 1 Geshader, later Crowlista 6. Peggy Smith Croistean Cottage 7. Dolina Smith Croistean Cottage 8. Mary Macleod 8 […]

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    Macritchies of 9 Geshader

    by  • 15 August 2008 • Archive photos • 0 Comments

    Family home from Canada for a visit to Geshader. Dolina (or Ina), #3, married Duncan Macleod from Embo, Sutherland in Toronto in 1921 and lived in Vancouver; they came home for good after WW2.  Ina, Christina and Catriona were three of the five daughters of Effie and Angus. Back: 1. Christina Morrison (nee Macritchie) with Murdo, 1 Ungeshader (wife of Calum Sunndach, […]

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    Miavaig, Carishader and the Bays in 1959

    by  • 1 August 2008 • History • 0 Comments

    A chapter (abridged) by Annis Heawood from Uig:  A Hebridean Parish (1960).  Photo by Chris Murray. The district here described includes Gisla, near the head of Little Loch Roag, Enaclete, Ungeshader and Geshader, on the western shores of Loch Roag proper. All these are strung out on or close to the main road. Miavaig, like Gisla, […]

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    On the Dancefloor

    by  • 29 July 2008 • Archive photos • 0 Comments

    On the dancefloor by Lochcroistean with the Geshader, Ungeshader and Lochcroistean cousins, at a birthday party for one of the Smith girls (recently returned from Boston) c1935. Mother Peggy Smith Lochcroistean; Mary Smith (LC); Dolina Smith (LC); Hetty Macleod (10G); Malcolm J Smith (2U); Marion Macdonald (4G); Kenina Smith (2U); Murdanie Maciver (4G); Peter Smith […]

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    Four Uigeachs in Sydney

    by  • 24 July 2008 • Archive photos, Emigration, Military & Police • 2 Comments

    Four Uigeachs in Sydney, Australia, circa 1916.  From left, Malcolm Morrison 8 Mangersta (Zinc), Norman Smith ex 2 Ungeshader (Tarmod Choinnich), Donald Smith 2 Ungeshader (Coisich) and Donald Macdonald 22 Valtos (Dòmhnall Daoighear). Three were seamen on HMS Orama that patrolled in the south seas, on shore leave whilst in for bunkers and stores.  The […]

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    Katie Ann Morrison, Ungeshader

    by  • 23 July 2008 • Health & Food, People • 0 Comments

    Stornoway Gazette: Distinction for Lewis Nurse. At a recent reception held in Eastern District Hospital, Glasgow, at which Alexander MacGregor, Medical Officer of Health, and Lady MacGregor presided, mention was made of the success of a Lewis nurse. Miss KA Morrison, Ungeshader, who was awarded the Gold Medal, the Special Tutor’s Prize and 3rd Year […]

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