Macritchies of 9 Geshader

Morrisons and Macritchies

Family home from Canada for a visit to Geshader. Dolina (or Ina), #3, married Duncan Macleod from Embo, Sutherland in Toronto in 1921 and lived in Vancouver; they came home for good after WW2.  Ina, Christina and Catriona were three of the five daughters of Effie and Angus.

Back: 1. Christina Morrison (nee Macritchie) with Murdo, 1 Ungeshader (wife of Calum Sunndach, Ungeshader)
2. Catriona Macritchie 9 Geshader
3. Dolina Macleod (nee Macritchie), back from Vancouver
Middle: 4. Effie Macritchie 9 Geshader (born 1859) with grandson Angus Morrison, 1 Ungeshader
5. Angus Macritchie 9 Geshader (Paddy), the grandfather, born 1858
Front: 6. Dolina Morrison 1 Ungeshader
7. Mary Bell Smith 2 Ungeshader
8. John Angus Morrison 1 Ungeshader
9. Etta Macleod, Vancouver (Dolina’s daughter)