• Four Uigeachs in Sydney

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    Uigeachs in Sydney

    Four Uigeachs in Sydney, Australia, circa 1916.  From left, Malcolm Morrison 8 Mangersta (Zinc), Norman Smith ex 2 Ungeshader (Tarmod Choinnich), Donald Smith 2 Ungeshader (Coisich) and Donald Macdonald 22 Valtos (Dòmhnall Daoighear). Three were seamen on HMS Orama that patrolled in the south seas, on shore leave whilst in for bunkers and stores.  The fourth, Tarmod Choinnich, cousin of an Coisich, was a policeman in Sydney.


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    1. 26 July 2008 at 12:13 pm

      Interesting web site What a surprise to see my grandfather Donald Smith in the photographin Sydney

    2. Raghnall MacAoidh
      7 April 2009 at 12:41 pm

      Direach miòrbhaileach!

      Bha mi a’ choimhead aig an làrach-lìn seo, agus thachairt mi ris an dealbhan seo as a Sidni. Tha mise a’ fuireach ann am Meall Bùirn, Astràilia, agus smaointich mi gun robh e direach sgoinneil.

      Mòran tàing a chàirdean!

      Raghnall MacAoidh

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