Calum “You Were Never in Java” Smith

Malcolm Smith (Calum Gobha) born circa 1775 is believed to be from Kneep, son of John Smith, and he had a smithy in Enaclete. He was the first croft tenant on 3 Enaclete but moved to No. 9, and eventually emigrated in old age to Winslow, Quebec, Canada in 1855 with his family.

Calum was an Old Soldier, having enlisted in the 78th Regiment, the Seaforth Highlanders, in 1793.  He served at Maida and Java, and was honourably discharged in 1814.


His long service entitled him to a pension and, eventually, a medal.  The medal struck for the period from 1793 to 1814 was the Military General Service Medal, but it was not actually awarded until 1847, and even then, those who were entitled to it had to send in a claim for it, if they were still alive.  Calum did get his, and it went with him to Canada; the photographs above were sent back by relations.  (His grandson also returned in 1918.)

Calum was said to have had an argumentative streak and he would clinch a dispute with the words:

Cha robh thu riamh an Java.
You were never in Java.