Strome was a small settlement on Loch Strome in Loch Roag – today difficult to access by land, but in the days when much travel was done by sea, not so far off the beaten track.  in the early years of the 19th century the hamlet was occupied by Smiths (closely related to the Smiths of Earshader, Valtos and Laxay) and Macivers (including the family of Dòmhnall Bàn an t-Srom), and other families.   Strome was cleared in 1835 when the Scaliscro farm was established, though two families remained in 1841 and 1851:  those of Donald Macleod (given in the census as a shepherd) and John Young.

Some ruins remain at Strome, including two abutting houses very near the shore, three other houses, two kilns, an old burial ground, a massive wall running into the sea and several shielings on high ground above the village.