Peigi an Irish and Morgan

Peigi an Irish and Morgan, Reef

Peigi an Irish (nee Macritchie, b1890) from 8 Kneep was married twice; her first husband Murdo Mackay was killed in the Great War, and her second was Donald Matheson (Buckie) from 4 Valtos.  She was the tenant of 5 Reef, after her father.  Murdo Macdonald (Morgan, b1866) was born to 4 Kneep and took 15 Reef.

Note the footless stockings (mogan in Gaelic).  Emily Macdonald writes in Twenty Years of Hebridean Memories (1939):

The women walk over the moor and often on the road, barefoot, and this is very sensible as the moor is often very wet, and it would be unpleasant to walk about in soaking shoes and bad for both wearer and shoes.  It is also an economical habit.  Some of them used to wear footless stockings presumably to keep the legs warm.  It used to be quite a common sight to see women and sometimes men too, sitting beside a stream outside the town of Stornoway, and after washing their feet, putting on their good shoes and stockings preparatory to going into town.  In consequence of this the stream is known as the Shoe Burn.