• Mac an Irish

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    Mac an Irish

    Mac an Irish, a dance and pipe tune (click for more; music courtesy of Sven Axelsson) was evidently written about a son of “An Irish”, Calum Macritchie (b1845) of Carnish, Aird, Kneep and Reef, and the eldest of the Reef Raiders.  He wasn’t Irish of course, but so called as he was always a rebel. 

    We don’t know which son is the Mac an Irish referred to.  We are in the process of compiling the verses; if you can help with this, or know someone who can, please let us know.  No descendents of An Irish remain in Uig now but the Comann Eachdraidh is looking forward to a visit next week from a American cousin of the family.  More to follow. 

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