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    Mangersta School

    by  • 5 September 2011 •  • 0 Comments

    Mangersta School Mangersta School Mangersta School Mangersta School Mangersta School Mangersta School Mangersta School Mangersta School 1936 Mangersta School Mangersta School Mangersta School Share

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    Ardroil Rents & Arrears 1824

    by  • 6 March 2011 •  • 1 Comment

    A list of tenants of the villages that then comprised Ardroil, with their rents and accumulated arrears. From the Seaforth Muniments (the Estate records). First Capadal and Pennydonald: Tenant Rent Arrears Donald Matheson £ 5.3.6 £ 16.13.0 Norman Morrison £ 5.3.6 £ 19.17.11 Duncan Macritchie £ 5.3.6 £ 13.8.2 Norman Macleod £ 6.10.0 £ 15.12.10 [...]

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    Ardroil | Eadar Dha Fhadhail

    by  • 22 July 2010 •  • 0 Comments

    Ardroil (Eadar Dha Fhadhail – ‘between two fords’) lies on the southwestern side of Uig Sands. The area now occupied more or less by the village once contained five townships: Capadal, Peighinn Dhomhnaill (Pennydonald), Baile Nicol, Baile Ghriasaich and Baile Ghobhainn. These were cleared by Stewart Mackenzie, the proprietor of the island, in the late [...]

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    Uig Farms, 1844-1888

    by  • 1 August 2010 •  • 0 Comments

    From a statement lodged with the Crofters Commission by the Estate management in November 1888, showing alterations made over farms in Lewis, with the occupancy and rent of each during the period 1844-1888. Mealista, Keannhusly and Island Mealista 1844-49 Alex and John MacRae £80.0.0 1850 do. £105.0.0 1860 do. £120.0.0 1870 John Mitchell £130.0.0 1886-87 [...]

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    Uig Cattle Market in 1958

    by  • 25 July 2010 • Crofting, Featured Notes, Transport • 0 Comments

    An account of the cattle sales at Ardroil from the People’s Journal, 27 September 1958. In the Outer Isles the folk who make their living off the land can’t come to the market. So the market goes to them.  And the cattle sales may well decide whether the crofter and his family have a good year or a bad year.

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    by  • 28 May 2010 • Video • 0 Comments

    Intriguing, isn’t it. There will be a full film in due course. Script by Eric Macdonald; produced by Theatre Hebrides. Share

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    The Chessmen Talk (not literally)

    by  • 8 March 2010 • Chessmen, History, News & Events, Vikings • 1 Comment

    [singlepic=1081,320,240,,left]Comann Eachdraidh Uig played host last week to a visit from two experts on the Lewis Chessman, who hit the headlines in November with their theories relocating the find-site to Mealista, rather than Ardroil. Dr David Caldwell, Keeper of Scotland and Europe at the National Museum of Scotland, and Dr Mark Hall, curator at Perth [...]

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    New Theories on the Uig Chessmen

    by  • 10 November 2009 • Chessmen, News & Events, Vikings • 0 Comments

    An article published in Mediaeval Archaeology this week raises some questions about the origins of the Uig Chessmen.  From the BBC today: New research has cast doubt on traditional theories about the historic Lewis Chessmen. The 93 pieces – currently split between museums in Edinburgh and London – were discovered on Lewis in 1831. But [...]

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    Scouting in Uig

    by  • 11 September 2009 • History • 1 Comment

    Pictures also viewable here if the slideshow doesn’t work for you. [slideshow=43] Thanks to Iain Watson for these pictures and his memories of scout camps in Uig. The pictures were all collected by Don Laing, who used to be a Scout Leader in Stornoway for many years from the early 60′s until he died in [...]

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    The French Boy at Tealasbhaigh

    by  • 18 August 2009 • Chessmen, Tales & Traditions • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=907,291] From DDC Pochin Mould’s West over Sea, another telling of the familiar story of the ship’s boy who was murdered for the Lewis Chessmen by an Uig gillie.  The story as told by Rev Col AJ Mackenzie, brother of Roderick Mackenzie, the keeper mentioned below, is also given by Dolly Doctor in his Tales [...]

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    Prosperity and Overcrowding in Uig, 1850s-1890s

    by  • 17 February 2009 • Crofting, Fishing, History, Land Issues • 0 Comments

    From Uig, A Hebridean Parish, by HA Moisley and the Geographical Field Group, 1960. The crofting population of Uig started the second half of the nineteenth century with far less land than had been occupied by their forebears fifty years before, and, although famine, clearance and emigration had slightly reduced the population between 1841 and [...]

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    Why You Should Never Laugh at a Berserker

    by  • 8 February 2009 • Archaeology, Chessmen, Vikings • 0 Comments

    The definitive short guide to our Uig Chessmen, found in Ardroil in 1831, is The Lewis Chessmen, by James Robinson of the British Museum, which addresses aspects of their discovery, design and likely provenance, and also the history of chess.  Of our little family of courtly Vikings, the berserkers are the most intriguing.  From the [...]

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    Donald Òg Macaulay of Brenish, Part I

    by  • 19 January 2009 • Gàidhlig, History, Land Issues, Military & Police, Tales & Traditions • 0 Comments

    Donald Òg was the younger of two sons called Donald, born to Dugald Macaulay, tacksman of Brenish, in the late 17th century; he was the great-grandson of Domhnall Càm. Rev William Matheson’s columns on the Macaulays, published in the Gazette in the 1950s, include several stories about Donald Òg drawn from the Morrison manuscripts.  He [...]

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