More Prizes at the Crofters’ Show

From the Highland News, 30 August 1913; we’ve already had the fundraising concert and the domestic prizes:

The West Uig and Bernera Crofters’ Show was held at Lochcroistean School on Wednesday the 20th August, under most favourable auspices, the day being sunny and warm and in every way pleasant for the great concourse of people who had assembled to witness the splended display of stock and work brought together. The judging commenced at noon, and th judges had an arduous task in awarding the prizes. This was particularly so in the three year old heifer section, which was an outstanding feature of the show, and whose beauty and true Highalnd characteristics were generally commented on. The show was opened by Dr Farquhar Macrae, from London, a noted physician and a native of the district. Dr Macrae, having oepned the show in a felicitous and appropriate speech, asked Mrs Mackenzie, Garynahine Hotel, to hand the prizes to the successful competitors. Mrs Mackenzie, in her usual pleasant and graceful manner, then presented the prizes as follows:

1. Alex Mackenzie Aird Uig
2. Angus Smith Valtos
3. Donald Macaulay Islivig
4. Alex Macaulay Cliff

Highland Cows
1. John Macdonald Geshader
2. Donald Maclennan Cliff
3. Wm Macrae Miavaig
4. Malcolm Macleod Crowlista

Prizes at the Crofters’ Show

Domestic and Vegetable prizes at the Uig Crofters’ Show in August 1913.

1. Mrs Andrew Mackay 23 Valtos
2. Mrs John Macleod 10 Geshader
3. Miss Kate Macleod 1 Enaclete

1. Mrs John Macdonald 11 Geshader
2. Miss Margaret Macleod 8 Geshader
3. Mrs Finlayson Ardroil

Butter (salt):
1. Mrs Finlayson Ardroil
2. Mrs Donald Macleod 8 Geshader
3. Mrs Henderson Breaclete

1. Peter Maclean 3 Ungeshader [legendary! -Ed.]
2. Malcolm Macleod, Crowlista School
3. Neil Mackay, Crowlista