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    Wedding Telegrams of the 1960s

    by  • 14 May 2010 • Archive photos, Life in Uig • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=1121,797] Our wedding collection is growing slowly but surely, and new in today are 1960s wedding telegrams and some lovely photos. Most will be on display in the tearoom within a week or two but meanwhile… Mrs and Mrs Kenny Maclennan, 15 Kneep (Coinneach a’ Loin and Agnes Smith, Lochcroistean – above) were married 22 […]

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    Lochcroistean School, c1928

    by  • 4 November 2009 • Archive photos, Education • 3 Comments

    [singlepic=946,373] Lochcroistean School, c1928. Teachers Annie Macaulay 35 Cliff and Donald Macarthur, Carloway. Back Row:1. Angus Hugh Smith, 2 Carishader 2. Angus John Macdonald, 6 Carishader 3. Donald Macritchie, 4 Enaclete 4. Donald John Mackay, 6 Geshader 5. Malcolm John Smith, 2 Ungeshader 6. Donald Smith, 2 Ungeshader 7. Donald Gillies, 9 Carishader 8. John […]

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    Banais Una

    by  • 4 June 2009 • Audio, Entertainments, Gàidhlig • 2 Comments

    [audio:banais una RB finlay.mp3] Verses written by Norman “Conter” Macleod, am Bard Bochd and for many years headmaster at Lochcroistean, on the occasion of the marriage of Agnes Smith, Lochcroistean, to Kenny Maclennan, 15 Kneep.  It was sung at the wedding by Kenny Dan Smith, 2 Ungeshader; and the reading here is by Finlay Maciver […]

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    Lochcroistean Reunion

    by  • 3 June 2009 • Education, News & Events • 0 Comments

    Marianne hosted a lovely evening for about forty past pupils of Lochcroistean school, and their spouses, on the 130th anniversary of the opening of the school. [slideshow=35] If the slideshow isn’t working for you, the pictures are also in the Gallery.

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    Lochcroistean School Reunion, Saturday 30 May

    by  • 21 May 2009 • Education, History, News & Events • 0 Comments

    Next month marks 130 years since Lochcroistean School was first opened, under the first headmaster, John Smith from Valtos, and accommodating children from the bays district:  Enaclete, Ungeshader, Geshader and Carishader.  The first entries in the school log: Thursday 5th June 1879 School was opened by the Rev John Campbell F. Ch. Minister with prayer. […]

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    Side Schools in Uig I: Ardbheag

    by  • 20 March 2009 • Education • 1 Comment

    From research undertaken by Maggie Smith for Hebridean Connections and the Stornoway Gazette.  See also Part II and Part III. After the Education Act of 1872, children throughout the country were entitled to an education, and a side school could be provided in remote districts where there were at least three children; a single junior […]

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    Lochcroistean School 1929-30

    by  • 12 February 2009 • Archive photos, Education • 2 Comments

    [singlepic=454,380] Teachers Donald Macarthur (Soup) and Annie Macaulay 35 Cliff (Anna Bheag) Back Row 1. Peter Macleod 9 Enaclete 2. Farquhar Macdonald 12 Carishader 3. Angus Hugh Smith 2 Carishader 4. Donald Macritchie 4 Enaclete 5. Calum Iain Smith 2B Ungeshader 6. Donald Gilleis 9 Carishader 7. John Murdo Mackay 1 Carishader 8. John MAcdonald […]

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    More Prizes at the Crofters’ Show

    by  • 21 September 2008 • Entertainments, History, Life in Uig • 0 Comments

    From the Highland News, 30 August 1913; we’ve already had the fundraising concert and the domestic prizes: The West Uig and Bernera Crofters’ Show was held at Lochcroistean School on Wednesday the 20th August, under most favourable auspices, the day being sunny and warm and in every way pleasant for the great concourse of people […]

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    Prizes at the Crofters’ Show

    by  • 8 September 2008 • History • 0 Comments

    Domestic and Vegetable prizes at the Uig Crofters’ Show in August 1913. Oatcake: 1. Mrs Andrew Mackay 23 Valtos 2. Mrs John Macleod 10 Geshader 3. Miss Kate Macleod 1 Enaclete Scones: 1. Mrs John Macdonald 11 Geshader 2. Miss Margaret Macleod 8 Geshader 3. Mrs Finlayson Ardroil Butter (salt): 1. Mrs Finlayson Ardroil 2. […]

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    Religious Instruction at Lochcroistean

    by  • 24 August 2008 • Education, History • 0 Comments

    Joseph L O’Hara was headmaster at Lochcroistean School from 10 January 1894 to November 1899. He was popular with the pupils and well liked by the community, but when asked to remain, he replied that not even if Loch Croistean were full of whisky and Ollashol made of tobacco would he stay on in Uig. […]

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    Lochcroistean School 1934 – the Boys

    by  • 24 August 2008 • Archive photos, History • 0 Comments

    LOCHCROISTEAN SCHOOL 1934 Teacher Kenneth Smith (Souse) Back: 1. Angus Murdo Matheson 8 Enaclete (Gong) 2. Roddy MacIsaac 5 Geshader (Roddy na Candle) 3. Angus Maciver 4 Geshader (Bain) 4. Kenneth Beaton 7 Geshader & Glasgow 5. Donald Macleod 1 Ungeshader (an t-Iaruinn) 6. Neil Macleod 9 Enaclete (Nuilc) 7. John Macleod 8 Carishader (Peileag) […]

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    Lochcroistean School 1934 – the Girls

    by  • 21 August 2008 • Archive photos • 0 Comments

    Teacher: Annie Macaulay, 35 Cliff Back: 1. Dolina Smith 2 Ungeshader (Dollag a Choisich) 2. Effie Smith 2 Ungeshader (Eiric Choinnich) 3. Chirsty Macdonald 11 Geshader (Goody) d1939 diphtheria 4. Mary Smith Croistean Cottage 5. Dolina Nicolson 1 Geshader, later Crowlista 6. Peggy Smith Croistean Cottage 7. Dolina Smith Croistean Cottage 8. Mary Macleod 8 […]

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    Stone-Throwing Epidemic in Lochcroistean

    by  • 31 July 2008 • History • 0 Comments

    From the Lochcroistean School Log, 16 March 1892. The teacher was Maggie Black. Circular 132 Scotch Education Department Dover House, Whitehall 29th January 1892 To the Official Correspondent of the Uig, Loch Croistean Public School. Sir, Her Majesty’s Postmaster General has called the attention of this Department to the wanton injury occasioned to the telegraph […]

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    On the Dancefloor

    by  • 29 July 2008 • Archive photos • 0 Comments

    On the dancefloor by Lochcroistean with the Geshader, Ungeshader and Lochcroistean cousins, at a birthday party for one of the Smith girls (recently returned from Boston) c1935. Mother Peggy Smith Lochcroistean; Mary Smith (LC); Dolina Smith (LC); Hetty Macleod (10G); Malcolm J Smith (2U); Marion Macdonald (4G); Kenina Smith (2U); Murdanie Maciver (4G); Peter Smith […]

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    Uig Museum makes the shortlist!

    by  • 23 July 2008 • CEU • 0 Comments

    We are modestly delighted to have made the Scotsman’s supplement today, in the shortlist for Best Museums in the Western Isles.  Marianne’s lovely cafe at Lochcroistean School is one of the Best Surprises; and Traigh Uig makes the Best Beaches list.  Though surely Traigh na Berie is the best beach in Uig and probably the western world?  (As […]

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