Stone-Throwing Epidemic in Lochcroistean

From the Lochcroistean School Log, 16 March 1892. The teacher was Maggie Black.

Circular 132
Scotch Education Department
Dover House, Whitehall
29th January 1892

To the Official Correspondent of the Uig, Loch Croistean Public School.


Her Majesty’s Postmaster General has called the attention of this Department to the wanton injury occasioned to the telegraph lines in this district by throwing stones at the insulators of telegraph wires, and to which so much damage has recently been done that the Postmaster General is compelled to put the law in force against offenders.

It is found that whilst most of the damage is caused by mischievous persons, much of it is cause by school children who do not think they are doing any great harm, and are not perhaps aware that they render themselves liable to imprisonment, and possibly to flogging.

My Lords feel confident that the Managers and Teachers of School will be willing to give their assistance in endeavouring to put a stop to this practice, and in most seriously cautioning the children in attendance against stone-throwing at telegraph wire and insulators, their Lordships trust you will impress upon them the determination of the Postmaster General to prosecute in all cases of wilful damage thereto.

With a view to making this determination more generally known, they would be glad if you would be so good as to exhibit in a conspicuous place in your school, the enclosed notice from the Postmaster General.

I have the honour to be,
Your obedient Servant,
H. Craik

Received on 15 March 1892. Copied as directed into Log-Book and to be returned tomorrow 17th March.

I again most seriously cautioned the children against stone-throwing at the telegraph wires and insulators and impressed upon them the determination of the Postmaster General to prosecute in all cases of wilful damage thereto. The notice is exhibited in a conspicuous place in the school. Notices have also been exhibited at the gate at the entrance to the school grounds while another has been put on the school door.

Sadly we don’t have any of these notices but the children seem to have got the message as no one was flogged or emprisoned.