Prizes at the Crofters’ Show

Domestic and Vegetable prizes at the Uig Crofters’ Show in August 1913.

1. Mrs Andrew Mackay 23 Valtos
2. Mrs John Macleod 10 Geshader
3. Miss Kate Macleod 1 Enaclete

1. Mrs John Macdonald 11 Geshader
2. Miss Margaret Macleod 8 Geshader
3. Mrs Finlayson Ardroil

Butter (salt):
1. Mrs Finlayson Ardroil
2. Mrs Donald Macleod 8 Geshader
3. Mrs Henderson Breaclete

1. Peter Maclean 3 Ungeshader [legendary! -Ed.]
2. Malcolm Macleod, Crowlista School
3. Neil Mackay, Crowlista

1. Norman Morrison Kneep
2. Neil Macleod Lochcroistean
3. Donald Maritchie Enaclete

1. Neil Macleod Lochcroistean
2. Malcolm Macritchie Enaclete

1. Mrs Donald Maclennan, Cliff
2. Miss Christina Matheson, Uigen
3. Mrs John Matheson Aird Tong and Mrs Norman Maclean, Valtos

1. Miss Ann Matheson Valtos
2. Mrs Donald Buchanan Valtos
3. Miss Chirsty Matheson Uigen

Also in the domestic list are yarn, knicker hose, jerseys, pants, petticoats, shawls, blankets, bedcovers and blouses. See also the stock results.