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    More Prizes at the Crofters’ Show

    by  • 21 September 2008 • Entertainments, History, Life in Uig • 0 Comments

    From the Highland News, 30 August 1913; we’ve already had the fundraising concert and the domestic prizes: The West Uig and Bernera Crofters’ Show was held at Lochcroistean School on Wednesday the 20th August, under most favourable auspices, the day being sunny and warm and in every way pleasant for the great concourse of people […]

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    Emily on Blackhouses

    by  • 10 September 2008 • Archive photos, Life in Uig • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=243,500,305] The picture is of the blackhouse at 3 Ardroil; the following is from Emily Macdonald’s Twenty Years of Hebridean Memories (1939): When I first came to Lewis [in 1919], there were still a few houses which did not possess a chimney, and in these the fire was in the middle of the living-room floor with […]

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    A Concert in Valtos, 1913

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    Highland News, 22 March 1913: A most enjoyable concert in aid of the Uig and Bernera Cattle Show Fund was held in Valtos Public School  on Friday 14th inst.,  Mr Duncan Maclean Gisla presiding.  Despite the wintry weather there was a crowded house, parties having come from the Island of Bernera and as far west […]

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    The Hattersley Loom

    by  • 29 August 2008 • Archive photos, History, Life in Uig, Wool & Weaving • 3 Comments

    Dol’ol at the loom (photo by John Blair).  From an article for Uig News by Dave Roberts: After the First World War there were ex-servicemen who had lost a hand, and one of the reasons for introducing the Hattersley domestic semi-automatic treadle powered loom to the island, was to give them an opportunity to make […]

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    Early Weaving in Uig

    by  • 23 August 2008 • Life in Uig, Wool & Weaving • 0 Comments

    From an article for Uig News by Dave Roberts: The Harris Tweed industry, according to the traditional story, is said to have begun in the mid-19th century. The two Macleod sisters, originally from Pabbay in the Sound of Harris, were living in a blackhouse in Strond and producing tweeds on their looms. The story is […]

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    The Ladies of Uig

    by  • 6 August 2008 • Archive photos, Life in Uig • 0 Comments

    The ladies who did the tea at Rev Angus Macfarlane’s 25th Anniversary presentation at Baile na Cille in 1976. Back: 1. Catriona Macdonald PO Miavaig 2. Dollag Buchanan 9 Mangersta 3. Mary Macleod 10 Geshader 4. Mary Macleod Lochcroistean 5. Nan Buchanan Brenish 6. Christine Maclean 3 Brenish 7. Christina Matheson 2 Ardroil 8. Chrissie […]

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    Crowlista School, c1966

    by  • 30 July 2008 • Archive photos, Life in Uig • 0 Comments

    As we’re in Crowlista… thanks to Donald and Cathie Mary for the list of names. Teachers Miss Ann Macdonald Stornoway and Mrs Catherine Finlayson Ardroil. Back: 1. Iain Morrison Brenish (Dola) 2. Chris-Ann Maclean Brenish 3. Pat Matheson 4 Ardroil 4. Joan Maclean Brenish 5. Chrissie M Matheson 4 Ardroil 6. Jessie Margaret Maclean Brenish […]

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    Reef Machair

    by  • 17 July 2008 • Life in Uig • 0 Comments

    The machair is in bloom – in case anyone who’s not in Uig or near a machair of their own would like to see it, here it is.  Back to ancient history tomorrow.  

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    Summer Outing, 1950s

    by  • 8 July 2008 • Archive photos, Entertainments, Life in Uig • 0 Comments

      The first tea-break on an outing from Uig to Harris; the stop was on the main road in the dip by the Leurbost road end.  Peter Smith on the melodeon.  Clockwise from the suit: 1. (in the suit) Angus Macdonald 11 Geshader (Anga) 2. Effie Mackenzie Earshader (Eiric Six) 3. Cathie Margaret Macleod 2 […]

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    Landslide in Glen Valtos, 1920

    by  • 7 July 2008 • History, Life in Uig • 1 Comment

    From the Stornoway Gazette, Local and District News, Friday December 3rd, 1920. Landslide in Valtos Glen On Thursday morning of last week, there was a repetition here of the previous Monday’s storm. Though it did not last so long, there were gusts during the early morning which were almost as strong as any we had […]

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    Uig, a Hebridean Parish, parts I & II

    by  • 17 June 2008 • Bibliography, Life in Uig • 0 Comments

    HA Moisley MSc & Members of the Geographical Field Group Glasgow and Nottingham Universities 1960 A very detailed survey of crofting in Uig in 1958-60, with information on the physical geography, historical background (when and how townships were crofted) and the crofting structure, and a close look at the practice in each district, including demographic […]

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    The Sheep Year in Valtos

    by  • 17 June 2008 • Crofting, Life in Uig • 0 Comments

    In years gone by, practically all the sheep belonging to Valtos and Cliff spent the winter on the hill grazings, out as far as the Morsgail boundary, but in those days they were all hardy Blackfaces. Nowadays some people are trying for bigger fatter lambs for the mainland market, and using Texel, Cheviot or Suffolk […]

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