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    Mending the Nets

    by  • 17 July 2009 • History • 2 Comments

    [singlepic=845,355] This unidentified picture comes from the collection of the late Joan Maciver, Cliff.  It seems to have been taken in Uig but does anyone know the faces or recognise the location?

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    Faith and Charity in St Kilda, 1697

    by  • 29 June 2009 • Church, History • 0 Comments

    From Martin Martin’s 1697 account of a voyage to St Kilda. (Photo by Scotproof) The inhabitants are Christians, much of the primitive temper, neither inclined to enthusiasm nor to popery. They swear not the common oaths that prevail in the world; when they refuse or deny to give what is asked of them, they do […]

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    Scramble for Rural Houses (1949)

    by  • 28 June 2009 • History, Land Issues • 0 Comments

    “The wanderlust of the Uigeach”, from the Stornoway Gazette, 30 December 1949. Swedish timber houses allocated to West Uig are not to be built there. Owing to the depopulation of the district there is very little chance of finding tenants. When this news was given to the Lewis District Council by the chairman, Councillor John […]

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    by  • 25 June 2009 • Crofting, History, Life in Uig, Mills • 1 Comment

    From Lewsiana, by W Anderson Smith (1874, 1896). During the autumn and winter the grain is prepared at leisure as potatoes are first consumed, or nearly so, before the meal is much run upon. When in urgent need of meal, the grain is sometimes dried in an iron pot on the fire, and then taken […]

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    Valtos School, 1948

    by  • 22 June 2009 • Archive photos, Education, History • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=665,357] Teacher: Sophie Macsween (Macleod). Thanks to Mary Peggy Mackay for putting the names to the faces. Back 1. John Angus Mackay 7 Reef 2. Dan Buchanan 7 Valtos 3. DA Morrison 13 Reef 4. Calum Ian Buchanan 8 Valtos 5. Archie Macdonald, FP Manse Middle 6. John Andrew Buchanan 7 Valtos 7. Donald C […]

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    The Long Road to Stornoway (1893)

    by  • 12 June 2009 • History, Life in Uig • 1 Comment

    To mark the expectation that our new Enaclete bypass will opening soon (surely), here’s a further extract from the unpublished memoirs of Rev Col AJ Mackenzie, who was born at Kinresort in 1887, son of the gamekeeper Roderick Mackenzie.  The family moved in to the gamekeeper’s house at Uig Lodge in 1891, and a few […]

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    Visitor of the Day

    by  • 9 June 2009 • History • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=663,400] The museum is in full swing now and we’re pretty busy. If you’re in the vicinity, come and see us, Mondays to Saturdays, 12-5pm. Dressing up isn’t essential but is warmly encouraged. This Viking and his mate came on motorbikes all the way from that other Viking stronghold, Cumbria. (The hardware is ours.)

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    Roadless Communities

    by  • 3 June 2009 • Health & Food, History, Life in Uig • 0 Comments

    Another bit from DDC Pochin Mould’s West Over Sea, published in 1953; at the time even quite substantial and central townships like Geshader were just getting their proper roads. Crossing the moor between Loch Raonasgail and the yellow road by the sea at Uig, I had plenty of opportunity to consider living without roads.  Probably […]

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    The Uig Landscape

    by  • 26 May 2009 • History • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=587,327] From West Over Sea by DDC Pochin Mould, 1953. To go to Uig is to go to a different country from the rest of the Lews, to go from the moors into the mountains, to the great massif which, with the Forest of Harris, builds the highest ground in the Outer Hebrides. It is […]

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    The Girls at Gearraidh Thodail

    by  • 23 May 2009 • Crofting, History • 2 Comments

    [singlepic=634,432] Left, Mairead Macdonald (8 Kneep) and right, her sister Chirsty Ann (Ciorstaidh Anna a’Phurpois) at the shieling at Gearraidh Thodail.  The shieling is at NB095290, between Suainebhal and Direadh Beinn, and the Comann Eachdraidh visited it last summer – see pictures. Chirsty Ann was born in 1912 and so this was taken about 1930.  […]

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    The Centenerian

    by  • 23 May 2009 • History, People • 0 Comments

    From the Inverness Courier of 25 March 1846: A correspondent has favoured us with some further particulars relative to the late patriarchal Celt, John Martin, who died at Urgay [Urgha], Island of Harris, at the ripe age of 112. The old man was able to walk about till within twenty-four hours of his death.  When […]

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    Lochcroistean School Reunion, Saturday 30 May

    by  • 21 May 2009 • Education, History, News & Events • 0 Comments

    Next month marks 130 years since Lochcroistean School was first opened, under the first headmaster, John Smith from Valtos, and accommodating children from the bays district:  Enaclete, Ungeshader, Geshader and Carishader.  The first entries in the school log: Thursday 5th June 1879 School was opened by the Rev John Campbell F. Ch. Minister with prayer. […]

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    The Uig POs and their Postmarks

    by  • 15 May 2009 • History, Life in Uig • 0 Comments

    From Islands Postal History Series, No 3: Lewis, by James A Mackay.  Published by the author, 1978. Miavaig The Gaelic name Miabhaig is derived from an earlier Norse name whose vik ending signified a bay – in this case one of the many inlets of West Loch Roag on the west coast of Lewis. A […]

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