Mending the Nets

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This unidentified picture comes from the collection of the late Joan Maciver, Cliff.  It seems to have been taken in Uig but does anyone know the faces or recognise the location?

3 thoughts on “Mending the Nets

  1. Sarah

    I’m sure you’ve picked this up by now but that looks set up. See the blackhouse street/terrace in the background and the hat on the man in the front. All seems unreal. Interesting if it’s a postcard or where it came from. Dorothy Kidd (Scottish Ethnological Archive)may know.

  2. It does look posed but I reckon it could be in Uig. It’s not a postcard and came in a box of family photos. There were several professional photographers here in the 30s and 40s so it may have been taken by one of them and sent back. Hoping someone recognises the location, the faces or the picture.

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