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    by  • 6 October 2008 • Education, Life in Uig • 0 Comments

    A circular issued by the County Council of Ross and Cromarty Education Committee to all schools, on 15 June 1955.  Our copy comes from Mangersta School. Dear Sir Temperance It has for some time been felt that, while the policy and practice of the Education Authority as regards Temperance are generally known and appreciated, it […]

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    The One Night Shieling

    by  • 7 September 2008 • Tales & Traditions • 0 Comments

    From an article in Uig News by Dave Roberts. It appears that shielings were constructed so that one airigh could easily be seen from another, but it is said that very often the girls from a number of shielings would sleep in one building for company. The ancient shieling grounds for Brenish, Islivig and Mangersta were […]

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    Whisky Galore at the Upper End

    by  • 21 August 2008 • Entertainments, Tales & Traditions • 0 Comments

    From an Uig News series of articles about beachcombing, by Dave Roberts. The variety of things that washed up is quite incredible, and unexpected. In 1924, long before “The Politician” sank off Eriskay, “Saltier” (Malcolm Buchanan) from Brenish, disappeared for three days. He was eventually discovered down by the curing houses, sleeping soundly alongside a 40-gallon drum of […]

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    Peter & Chirsty Bell

    by  • 13 August 2008 • Archive photos • 3 Comments

    L-R: 1. Neil Macleod Lochcroistean, brother of the groom 2. John A Mackay 7 Reef, brother of the bride 3. Chirsty Ann Smith, Stornoway, sister of the groom 4. Peter Macleod 4 Mangersta, groom 5. John Buchanan Islivig, cousin of the groom 6. Chirsty Bell Mackay 7 Reef, bride 7. Bill Smith, husband of Chirsty […]

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    Mangersta School 1953

    by  • 9 August 2008 • Archive photos • 0 Comments

    Definitely 1953 as there is the coronation crest on the mount. Teacher: Babag Smith Carishader Back: 1. Kenny Dan Morrison 12 Ardroil 2. Catherine Macdonald 3 Ardroil 3. Neil Morrison 28 Brenish 4. Chrissie Mary Matheson 5 Ardroil 5. Angus Murdo Montgomery Islivig (Monty) Front: 6. Kathleen Morrison Mangersta 7. Lena Matheson 6 Ardroil 8. Cathie […]

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    Mangersta School 1952?

    by  • 7 August 2008 • Archive photos • 2 Comments

    All identified now, thanks to Dolly. Teacher Babag Smith, Carishader Back: 1. Neil Morrison Brenish 2. Dolly Norma Morrison 12 Ardroil 3. Kathleen Morrison Mangersta 4. Chrissie M Matheson Ardroil 5. Catherine Macdonald 3 Ardroil 6. Nan Matheson Ardroil 7. Angus M Montgomery Islivig (Monty) Front: 8. DJ Montgomery Islivig 9. Flora Shaw Carnish 10. Lena Matheson Ardroil 11. […]

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    Crowlista School, c1966

    by  • 30 July 2008 • Archive photos, Life in Uig • 0 Comments

    As we’re in Crowlista… thanks to Donald and Cathie Mary for the list of names. Teachers Miss Ann Macdonald Stornoway and Mrs Catherine Finlayson Ardroil. Back: 1. Iain Morrison Brenish (Dola) 2. Chris-Ann Maclean Brenish 3. Pat Matheson 4 Ardroil 4. Joan Maclean Brenish 5. Chrissie M Matheson 4 Ardroil 6. Jessie Margaret Maclean Brenish […]

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    Four Uigeachs in Sydney

    by  • 24 July 2008 • Archive photos, Emigration, Military & Police • 2 Comments

    Four Uigeachs in Sydney, Australia, circa 1916.  From left, Malcolm Morrison 8 Mangersta (Zinc), Norman Smith ex 2 Ungeshader (Tarmod Choinnich), Donald Smith 2 Ungeshader (Coisich) and Donald Macdonald 22 Valtos (Dòmhnall Daoighear). Three were seamen on HMS Orama that patrolled in the south seas, on shore leave whilst in for bunkers and stores.  The […]

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    Uig Transport in the 1930s-40s

    by  • 20 July 2008 • History • 0 Comments

    To go with the picture of Sgail and his crowd of excursionists, part of an article from the Uig News: In the 1930s there were four cars in Uig. The two ministers both had cars – one was a Vauxhall. The Doctor had a car and so did Norman Mackay, the Public Assistance Officer – he […]

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    Meeting at Islivig School, 1908

    by  • 19 July 2008 • History, Land Issues • 0 Comments

    From Joni Buchanan’s The Lewis Land Struggle (Acair 1996): On Christmas Day 1908, 46 crofters and squatters met at the schoolhouse in Brenish (known as Islivig School) and passed eight resolutions demanding the breakup of Mangersta and Carnish farms:  “So that without leaving the locality where they were born and where all associations and kinships that […]

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    More Rebuking in 1825

    by  • 17 July 2008 • History • 0 Comments

    Kirk Session records, 15 November 1825: The Session at Uig having met and constituted, Peggy Morison and Angus Morison, both Capidle, having been charged with a Criminal Connection were examined by the Members of said Kirk Session, they confessed their guilt and agreed as to the time and place in the Statement of the Fact. […]

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    The Grana Rescue at Mangersta

    by  • 25 June 2008 • History, Weather • 0 Comments

    Mangersta, Uig, Isle of Lewis, originally uploaded by rachel 79. Christina Mackay, Uig’s Victorian heroine, was the wife of Donald Mackay, who had the farm at Mangersta after the township had been cleared in 1872 and the people resettled for the most part in Doune Carloway. In October 1896, a gale had been blowing for […]

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