Mangersta School 1952?

Mangersta School 1952?

All identified now, thanks to Dolly.

Teacher Babag Smith, Carishader

Back: 1. Neil Morrison Brenish
2. Dolly Norma Morrison 12 Ardroil
3. Kathleen Morrison Mangersta
4. Chrissie M Matheson Ardroil
5. Catherine Macdonald 3 Ardroil
6. Nan Matheson Ardroil
7. Angus M Montgomery Islivig (Monty)

Front: 8. DJ Montgomery Islivig
9. Flora Shaw Carnish
10. Lena Matheson Ardroil
11. Murdina Maciver Ardroil
12. Cathie Buchanan Brenish
13. Murdina Buchanan Brenish
14. Mary Peggy Shaw Carnish
15. Kenny D Morrison 12 Ardroil

4 thoughts on “Mangersta School 1952?

  1. I think this is possibly 1953. Does it have a crest on the mount? 3 is Kathleen Morrison Mangersta now Reef 6 is Johan (Nan) Matheson,9 is Flora Shaw,10 is Lena Matheson, and 14 is Mary Peggy Shaw.

    Dolly 2

  2. Thank you Dolly. Can’t be 1953 – we have that one too (with the crest) and you all look a wee bit older to me. I’ll stick it up.

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