• Peter & Chirsty Bell

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    Peter & Chirsty Bell

    L-R: 1. Neil Macleod Lochcroistean, brother of the groom
    2. John A Mackay 7 Reef, brother of the bride
    3. Chirsty Ann Smith, Stornoway, sister of the groom
    4. Peter Macleod 4 Mangersta, groom
    5. John Buchanan Islivig, cousin of the groom
    6. Chirsty Bell Mackay 7 Reef, bride
    7. Bill Smith, husband of Chirsty Ann
    8. Peggy Ann Buchanan 13 Brenish, cousin of the groom
    9. Mary Morrison 13 Mangersta
    10. Nora, cousin of the bride
    11. David, cousin of the bride from Thurso
    12. Mrs Alex John Macrae
    13. Alex John Macrae, cousin of the bride
    14. Peggy Parsons Inverness

    Thanks to Agnes Fraser for identifying the wee boy as Alasdair Macrae, son of Alex John.

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