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    Martins of Uig

    by  • 7 September 2008 • Genealogy, History • 0 Comments

    There have been very few Martins in Uig over the last two hundred years, but Martins in other parts of Lewis and Harris can trace their line back to the district. Lewis Maciver, Tacksman of Gress, was in Uig on business when he came across a poor widow and her three children.  Her husband and […]

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    Mangersta School 1953

    by  • 9 August 2008 • Archive photos • 0 Comments

    Definitely 1953 as there is the coronation crest on the mount. Teacher: Babag Smith Carishader Back: 1. Kenny Dan Morrison 12 Ardroil 2. Catherine Macdonald 3 Ardroil 3. Neil Morrison 28 Brenish 4. Chrissie Mary Matheson 5 Ardroil 5. Angus Murdo Montgomery Islivig (Monty) Front: 6. Kathleen Morrison Mangersta 7. Lena Matheson 6 Ardroil 8. Cathie […]

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    Mangersta School 1952?

    by  • 7 August 2008 • Archive photos • 2 Comments

    All identified now, thanks to Dolly. Teacher Babag Smith, Carishader Back: 1. Neil Morrison Brenish 2. Dolly Norma Morrison 12 Ardroil 3. Kathleen Morrison Mangersta 4. Chrissie M Matheson Ardroil 5. Catherine Macdonald 3 Ardroil 6. Nan Matheson Ardroil 7. Angus M Montgomery Islivig (Monty) Front: 8. DJ Montgomery Islivig 9. Flora Shaw Carnish 10. Lena Matheson Ardroil 11. […]

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    Uig at Home to Harris, 1949

    by  • 7 August 2008 • Entertainments, History • 0 Comments

    From the Gazette, 22 July 1949: Football:– On Wednesday, 6th July, Uig completed their home league programme when Harris visited Ardroil. The home team quickly went ahead from a well-placed shot from Mackay which gave the Harris goalkeeper no chance.  The Uig forwards were well supplied with the ball, and it was no surprise when […]

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    Crowlista School, c1966

    by  • 30 July 2008 • Archive photos, Life in Uig • 0 Comments

    As we’re in Crowlista… thanks to Donald and Cathie Mary for the list of names. Teachers Miss Ann Macdonald Stornoway and Mrs Catherine Finlayson Ardroil. Back: 1. Iain Morrison Brenish (Dola) 2. Chris-Ann Maclean Brenish 3. Pat Matheson 4 Ardroil 4. Joan Maclean Brenish 5. Chrissie M Matheson 4 Ardroil 6. Jessie Margaret Maclean Brenish […]

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    Rental Paid in 1725

    by  • 27 July 2008 • History, Land Issues • 0 Comments

    Having been on the losing side in the Jacobite rising of 1715, the Seaforths had to forfeit their lands to the Crown. These were then administered by a body of Commissioners for a number of years (though the Seaforths were eventually allowed to buy them back, because no other buyer could be found.) It appears […]

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    Uig Transport in the 1930s-40s

    by  • 20 July 2008 • History • 0 Comments

    To go with the picture of Sgail and his crowd of excursionists, part of an article from the Uig News: In the 1930s there were four cars in Uig. The two ministers both had cars – one was a Vauxhall. The Doctor had a car and so did Norman Mackay, the Public Assistance Officer – he […]

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    More about Angus Beag

    by  • 18 July 2008 • Genealogy, History • 1 Comment

    Rev William Matheson, Mac Gille Chaluim, gives the following about Angus Beag and his departure for Auldearn, which seems to have been precipitated by the harsh words of his wife who accused him of unmanliness (see also the previous note.) Angus Macaulay’s conduct before the departure of the men of Lewis to Auldean in the Spring of 1645 […]

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    Nicolsons in Uig

    by  • 9 July 2008 • Genealogy, History • 1 Comment

    Willie Matheson (Mac Gille Chaluim) wrote in his Families of Lewis series that Nicolson was “perhaps the oldest surname in Lewis” and that the Macleods came into possession of the island by marriage into the family.  The name disappears and does not surface again until the 18th century, when Angus Nicolson is on record as a joint-tacksman […]

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    Tornado in West Uig

    by  • 2 July 2008 • History, Weather • 0 Comments

    From the Stornoway Gazette, Local and District News. March 24, 1921 The cyclonic storm which burst over this district on Wednesday last left traces of destruction in its trail here as elsewhere. Fortunately, no lives were lost, though several instances of hairbreadth escapes from flying debris etc, have been mentioned. The roof of the Valtos […]

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    Abhainn Ath Dhearg, or Tax Evasion

    by  • 29 June 2008 • History, Tales & Traditions • 1 Comment

      Letter to the Stornoway Gazette, 31 May 1929   Sir – It may interest some of your readers to know how the Red River, Ardroil, Uig, derived its name.  The story runs that the Macaulays disputed the Norse authorities’ right to collect taxes in Uig:  no doubt they treated the Norse Colony as ferry […]

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    Colonials Return, 1918

    by  • 26 June 2008 • History • 0 Comments

    Excerpts from Stornoway Gazette, Local and District News (Uig) April 5th, 1918 FRIENDS FROM ACROSS THE SEA: One of the few pleasurable results of this terrible and miserable war is the occasional opportunity offered to friends and relations at home of meeting and welcoming friends and relations from beyond the seas – friends whom, in the […]

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