Martins of Uig

There have been very few Martins in Uig over the last two hundred years, but Martins in other parts of Lewis and Harris can trace their line back to the district. Lewis Maciver, Tacksman of Gress, was in Uig on business when he came across a poor widow and her three children.  Her husband and her eldest son had been press-ganged into the army; her son was killed in India and her husband was drowned when the ship taking him home foundered in the Bay of Biscay.

Maciver took pity on her plight and offered her and her remaining children work at Glen Tolsta.  Her family included Donald (Domhnall Buachaille), later of 7 Back and all the Back Martins are descended from him.  Another son, name unknown, had a son Alasdair (Alasdair Buachaille) who emigrated with a young family from North Tolsta in 1843.  Her daughter married John Mackenzie 51 Back, and their daughter married Murdo Maciver 48 Back.

The Martins of North Harris – who sometimes used the surname Mackinnon, and the “Urgha Martins” are Mackinnons now – are also of Uig descent.  They come from a John or Donald Martin, who migrated there from Ardroil, where he was born around 1770.  His sons were Donald and Ewan in Urgha, and John in Balallan (from whom come the Lochs Martins.)

(Drawn from the notes of Donald Maciver 8 Crowlista)