The Macleods of Pabbay and a Mealista Connection

From Gerard Lemmens, who, with his wife, Gillian Lesley Lemmens nee Macleod (great grand daughter of Rev George Macleod of Garrabost), is writing a book about her aunt, entitled “Anna Macleod – from Daughter of the Manse to Professor of Brewing”. Gerard is interested in the genealogy of the Macleods of Pabbay (see also his website) and particularly in the male and female descendants of the following line:

XIV. Iain Ruadh Macleod (1692-1770) “John McEan Vic Gillichalum”, recorded in Borrowston as tenant in 1763 and 1766. He was married (wife unknown) with issue:

1. Iain Ruadh Mor Macleod, born in 1729, died after 1790; married Christina MacKay, daughter of Domhnall Ban Mackay, tenant of Linshader (source, Rev W Matheson.) Iain went to Lochs c1760 and is said to have been tacksman for several years at places in south Pairc. In 1766 Seaforth Island was let to him for £20, which was increased in 1780 to £31 with the addition of Bagh Reumsabhagh, Scalladale, half of Seaforth Island, Briginal and Stromas, and subsequently he moved to Kershader. Bill Lawson mentions in Vol. 14 of his croft histories that this John Macleod came from Mealista in Uig.

2. Angus (Aonghus Ruadh) Macleod, born c1745, who became the tacksman of Kershader in Pairc; married Ann MacLean from Crowlista.

3. Other brothers Macleod; according to the Clan Thormoid manuscript other brothers remained at Crowlista, Uig and amongst their descendants are Rev Malcolm Macleod, Dr Peter John Macleod and Dr Angus Macleod, Stornoway.

Gerard would like to hear from anyone who has information on this branch of the family, who knows whether Iain Ruadh Mor Macleod was indeed born in 1729 in Mealista, Uig (that is, before his father became tenant at Borrowston), or who is descended from this line. You can email him, or otherwise contact him at The Cloisters, Church Street, Wadhurst, East Sussex TN5 6AR (tel 01892-783171), or post a comment here.