The Lady Missionary

Stornoway Gazette, Friday February 27th, 1920

VALTOS PRESENTATION – Miss Macdonald who served 11 years in Valtos Uig, as lady missionary, had some time ago to leave for her home in Applecross on account of indifferent health. Her many friends in West Uig will miss her informative and interesting companionship very much, and especially the needy poor will miss her many ministrations of comfort and help secured in and from various sources, and given most unobstentatiously – outsiders knowing little or nothing of these little kindnesses to the poor. Her knowledge of “persons and things” made her conversation and company most interesting and instructive, and many a family circle in this district are sorry because “Miss Macdonald won’t come to ceilidh” now.

Before her departure a few friends wished to present her with a tangible proof of their respect for herself, and their appreciation of her services and companionship and a beautiful watch was secured for her. Her gratitude for, and appreciation of, the kindness shown her, may be gathered from the following sentences:-

“Dear friends – You will, I hope, sympathise with the state of mind that finds it difficult to express herself in words, in the face of such great kindness too little deserved. I did not need any gift to remind me of Uig. As long as memory endures, it shall live in my mind, and my thoughts of it will always be thoughts of love. The watch will be a great pleasure always and will go everywhere with me. I thank you, not only for this gift, but for all the loving kindness that was showered upon me in so many a home in Uig during my stay here. From a grateful heart I wish you every good.”