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    The Girls at Gearraidh Thodail

    by  • 23 May 2009 • Crofting, History • 2 Comments

    [singlepic=634,432] Left, Mairead Macdonald (8 Kneep) and right, her sister Chirsty Ann (Ciorstaidh Anna a’Phurpois) at the shieling at Gearraidh Thodail.  The shieling is at NB095290, between Suainebhal and Direadh Beinn, and the Comann Eachdraidh visited it last summer – see pictures. Chirsty Ann was born in 1912 and so this was taken about 1930.  […]

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    Morsgail Beehives

    by  • 21 September 2008 • Archaeology, History • 0 Comments

    The Morgail Beehives (NB 131199), a group of corbelled huts of unknown date, are described thus by Historic Scotland: Group of corbelled “bee-hive” type shielings, built in remote moorland close to a stream, above Abhainn a Loin. Only one cell had roof intact at time of inspection (1989). Building date not know, but likely to […]

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    The One Night Shieling

    by  • 7 September 2008 • Tales & Traditions • 0 Comments

    From an article in Uig News by Dave Roberts. It appears that shielings were constructed so that one airigh could easily be seen from another, but it is said that very often the girls from a number of shielings would sleep in one building for company. The ancient shieling grounds for Brenish, Islivig and Mangersta were […]

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    Going to the Shieling

    by  • 8 August 2008 • Archive photos, Crofting, History • 0 Comments

    From left, Emily Macdonald Gisla, Effie Maclennan 36 Cliff, and two visitors, visiting a shieling. From Emily’s Twenty Years of Hebridean Memories (1939) – observing from Gisla Lodge the girls going to the shielings at Airigh an Fhorsa and Bo Nighean Mhuirich.  The ones Emily mentioned visiting near Loch Coirgeabhat may be at Airigh an […]

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    Valtos, Kneep and Reef Grazings, 1959

    by  • 6 August 2008 • History, Land Issues • 0 Comments

    Click to show shieling grounds.  Map and area in acres from Uig, a Hebridean Parish (1960). Valtos (36 tenants) 149 inbye 1482 adjacent pastures 3905 detached/shielings Kneep (18 tenants) 155 inbye 459 adjacent 1806 detached/shielings Reef (14 tenants) 94 inbye 207 adjacent 101 machair 770 detached Total (68 tenants, 14 absent) 398 inbye 2249 adjacent/machair 6481 […]

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    Carnaichean Tealasdale

    by  • 4 August 2008 • History, Tales & Traditions • 0 Comments

    From a piece by Dave Roberts for Uig News. At the north end of Mealisval there is a valley called Tealasdale. The floor of the valley is a chaos of enormous boulders. Beneath some of the gigantic rocks are crevices and hollows into which a person could crawl. Blocking the gaps and holes around some […]

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    Coming from the Valtos Shieling

    by  • 26 July 2008 • Archive photos • 5 Comments

    Valtos men at Gisla, returning from the shielings (both Airigh an Fhorsa NB117226 and Airigh Bo Nighean Mhuirich NB 105224 – thanks Calum) with creels of butter, crowdie and cheese.  Murdo Smith 30 Valtos (Murchadh Gobha), Calum Buchanan 7 Valtos (Calum a’Bhodaich), Donald Mackay 15 Valtos (Dòmhnall a’Chreagain) and Norman Buchanan 8 Valtos (Tarmod Sham) in […]

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    At Àirigh an Fhorsa

    by  • 3 July 2008 • Archive photos • 0 Comments

      New photos from Mairi Peigi Maclennan at Cliff.  Àirigh an Fhorsa (NB118227, behind Coduinn) was used by Valtos and Cliff, including for just two seasons after WW2.  In the pictures are William Maclennan 36 Cliff, Ann Matheson (Anna a’Bheiceir) and her brother Calum 39 Cliff and Chirsty Smith 21 Valtos.  

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