West Over Sea, DDC Pochin Mould

“Life in the Outer Hebrides with the legendary and historical background”.  1953, Oliver and Boyd.  From the dustjacket:

This book gives a most comprehensive picture of the Outer Isles, and is particularly valuable in the information given on the small unfrequented islands. It achieves and interesting synthesis, drawing on history, folklore and archaeology, and the topography is given in some detail. This caters for those who know the islands, and for those who have still to make their way there.  The illustrations give a good impression of the pleasant variety that awaits these visitors.

Daphne DC Pochin Mould was an Englishwoman, born in 1920.  She was a geologist who studied in Edinburgh and researched in Foyers on Loch Ness, writing first Roads from the Isles about the droveroads, and then West Over Sea about the islands.  Latterly she took a great interest in Catholicism and wrote extensively about monastic and other traditions in Ireland.