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    Lot 18: Uig Crofters

    by  • 12 May 2010 • History, Land Issues, Sporting Estates • 1 Comment

    [singlepic=1120,243] In 1923, Lord Leverhulme began to dispose of his Lewis estates, first offering to give the island to its inhabitants.  Stornoway Town Council and Stornoway Trust accepted Lews Castle and the crofts around the town, but Lewis District Council feared that on the sporting and crofting estates the expenditure exceeded the income, and declined […]

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    The Long Road to Stornoway (1893)

    by  • 12 June 2009 • History, Life in Uig • 1 Comment

    To mark the expectation that our new Enaclete bypass will opening soon (surely), here’s a further extract from the unpublished memoirs of Rev Col AJ Mackenzie, who was born at Kinresort in 1887, son of the gamekeeper Roderick Mackenzie.  The family moved in to the gamekeeper’s house at Uig Lodge in 1891, and a few […]

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    The Uig POs and their Postmarks

    by  • 15 May 2009 • History, Life in Uig • 0 Comments

    From Islands Postal History Series, No 3: Lewis, by James A Mackay.  Published by the author, 1978. Miavaig The Gaelic name Miabhaig is derived from an earlier Norse name whose vik ending signified a bay – in this case one of the many inlets of West Loch Roag on the west coast of Lewis. A […]

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    Bibliography: Salmon and Sea Trout Angling on Lewis and Harris (David SD Jones)

    by  • 13 May 2009 • Bibliography • 0 Comments

    New to our bookshop are some numbered and signed copies of a recent limited publication by David SD Jones entitled Salmon and Sea Trout Angling on Lewis and Harris, Past and Present.  The book looks at the fish, principle rivers, fishing hotels, associations, notable anglers and recorded catches throughout the two islands. The Fhorsa.  Considered […]

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    By Open Sea from Kinlochresort

    by  • 7 October 2008 • Fishing, History • 3 Comments

    An further extract from the unpublished memoirs of Rev Col AJ Mackenzie, born Kinlochresort in 1887.  Here he tells of how the family came to be at Kinlochresort, and also how they left it for the gamekeeper’s house at Uig Lodge.  His account of the pleasures of Traigh Uig is here. My father was a […]

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    Dolly Doctor

    by  • 14 August 2008 • Archive photos, History, People • 0 Comments

    Donald Macdonald, Dolly Doctor, was born in 1891 in Stornoway, eldest son of John Macdonald Carishader and Annie Gillies, Shawbost and Stornoway.  He studied at the Nicolson and at Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh, and practiced as a specialist in the west end of London.  He married Emily Paul, niece of Lord Leverhulme (then proprietor of the […]

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    Recruitment in 1793

    by  • 30 July 2008 • History, Old Soldiers • 0 Comments

    From a manuscript by (as far as I can make out) Rev Col AJ Mackenzie, son of Roderick Mackenzie, gamekeeper at Luachair and Uig Lodge.  According to tradition, men were compelled to join the army when Seaforth was raising the 78th Seaforth Highlanders in 1793.  When he arrived in Lewis, the men of Uig took […]

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    Building the House at Gisla

    by  • 30 July 2008 • History • 0 Comments

    From Emily Macdonald’s Twenty Years of Hebridean Memories (1939).  Emily and her husband Dolly Doctor owned Uig Lodge but it was permanently let to tenants. On our next two holidays in Lewis, we managed to get rooms in Uig for a few days’ visit to the part of the Island we loved so much.  But there were […]

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    Owning Uig Lodge

    by  • 27 July 2008 • History • 0 Comments

    From Emily Macdonald’s Twenty Years of Hebridean Memories (1939). In 1923 Emily, niece of Lord Leverhulme, was married to Donald Macdonald, Dolly Doctor, who had Uig connections and later wrote Tales and Traditions of the Lews. They were given Uig Lodge as a wedding present. Stornoway was reached some six hours after leaving Kyle, and we […]

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    Emily Goes to Church, 1919

    by  • 25 July 2008 • Church, History • 0 Comments

    From Emily Macdonald’s Twenty Years of Highland Memories (1939).  Before Emily was married to Dolly Doctor, she stayed at Uig Lodge as a guest of her uncle, Lord Leverhulme, along with other guests. One Sunday Mrs Strang and I decided we would like to go to the local church and hear a real Gaelic service.  […]

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    Twenty Years of Hebridean Memories

    by  • 24 July 2008 • Bibliography • 3 Comments

    by Emily Macdonald, niece of Lord Leverhulme and wife of Dolly Doctor.   Written in 1939 and privately published in 1965. An account of holidays in Lewis, marriage to Dolly Doctor, owning Uig Lodge and building Gisla Lodge, and general reminiscences 1918-1938.

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    The Sporting Estates of the Outer Hebrides, Past and Present

    by  • 22 July 2008 • Bibliography • 0 Comments

    by David SD Jones, February 2008. An illustrated history of the sporting estates, including Morsgail, Scaliscro, Grimersta, Uig & Hamnaway, Garynahine, Eishken, Barvas, Galson and others.  Information from estate records and game books, detail of tenants and development programmes, and many photographs previously unknown to the Comann Eachdraidh, coming as they do from private collections […]

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    Coming to Uig Lodge, 1891

    by  • 26 June 2008 • History • 0 Comments

    Rev Col AJ Mackenzie, born 1887,  was the son of Roderick Mackenzie, gamekeeper at Kinlochresort and subsequently at Uig Lodge.  The young Alick spent his early years at Kinlochresort before moving with his family in 1891 to the keeper’s house near the Lodge, overlooking Traigh Uig, which clearly made a lasting impression on him.  The story of […]

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