• Placenames: Enaclete and Gisla

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    Place names in Enaclete and the surrounding area, mapped by Finlay and Kenny Maciver.  They did Geshader too and you may like to compare the Ordnance Survey map.

    1. Airigh Dhubh 23. Caol Loch
    2. Loch Croistean 24. Druim Mor
    3. Loch a’ Phealair Beag 25. Loch nan Learg a Tuath
    4. Old Sheilings 26. Cnoc a’ Charnain
    5. Tom nan Laogh 27. Druim na Cloiche Moire
    6. Loch na Craobhaig 28. Giarol
    7. Loch na Craobhaige Moire 29. Druim a’ Charnain
    8. Loch Mor Ruadh 30. Druim Cul a’ Gharaidh
    9. Dubh Loch 31. Cleite Ban
    10. Loch Airigh an Uisge 32. Tim Leathach Slighe
    11. Loch an Eilein choinnich 33. Beinn Enaclete
    12. Druim Coirgavat 34. Tom Airigh a’ Fhraoich
    13. Sidean Corrach 35. Sidhean Dubh
    14. Airigh an Uisge 36. Beinn a’ Chnoit
    15. Cleite Ghiosla 37. Eilean Dubh
    16. Loch Crogavat 38. Eileanan Glasa
    17. Airigh na Ceannamhoir 39. Creag Ghorm
    18. Garry Cleit Ghiosla 40. Aonaig Mhor
    19. Liana Cleite an Fhuarain 41. Loch Dubh na Creige Guirme
    20. Airigh nan Dromannan Leathainn 42. Cnoc Aonghais
    21. Cleit an Fhuarain 43. Cnoc an Eoin
    22. Creagan an Fhigheadair 44. Druim a’ Loch Rhuaidh
    45. Liana Tuath

    5 Responses to Placenames: Enaclete and Gisla

    1. 21 August 2009 at 10:15 pm

      I am fascinated by maps and placenames, and am wondering whether other areas in Uig will have names of their localities mapped out in this way.

    2. Peter N. Macdonald
      3 September 2009 at 7:50 pm

      It is an excellent idea to produce maps with `local` place names as many of those Gaelic place names are very descriptive and relate to day to day activities over centuries. I am sure that someone in each village would willingly undertake the task of mapping out the areas around the village and thereby retain part of the Uig Heritage.

    3. 4 September 2009 at 8:38 am

      There are several publications that cover local place names and we have collected the small unpublished names from many of the villages – ongoing. We had an application in for funding to publish them in booklets but got knocked back so we’re looking at other options.

      I also have a splendid large map of Viking names of Uig, thanks to Angus Macdonald, which will be appearing here when I manage to get it scanned.

      • hamacau@shaw.ca
        14 January 2012 at 11:51 pm

        Has the map, Viking names of Uig been scanned? If it has been scanned how can one view it?
        It would be interesting to compare it with the Norse township names of Uig shown in Magne Oftedal’s map of Lewis 1954.

        Sarah, the work you folks of Comann Eachdraidh Uig do is greatly appreciated.
        Many thanks,
        Hugh MacAulay

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