Latha Hiort | St Kilda Day

Latha Hiort is 29 August, the first St Kilda Day marking (as part of Homecoming Scotland 2009) the anniversary of the day the last natives of the island evacuated it forever in 1930.  A programme of events has been organised by Pròiseact nan Ealan (the Gaelic Arts Agency), producers of Opara Hiort, the St Kilda Opera, in 2007, which is being performed at the Edinburgh Festival this month.  Most significant for us is a night of St Kildan songs at Uig Hall, this Friday 28 August:

Songs of St Kilda in Uig

The St Kilda story through music and pictures, with Anne Lorne Gillies and Rhoda Mackay.

28 August – Uig Hall, 8pm (£10/£8)

Events at An Lanntair, Stornoway

29 August, 3pm – Michael de Mordha of the Blasket Islands Centre compares the literature of the Blaskets with that of St Kilda.  Faclan Hebridean Book Festival (£5)

29 August, 7.30pm – Songs of St Kilda with Anne Lorne Gillies and Rhoda Mackay (£10/£9/£8)

29 August, 10pm – Iain Morrison and Daibhidh Martin; St Kilda in music, songs, images and spoken word (£7)

BBC Alba

BBC Alba celebrates Latha Hiort with four programmes.

An t-Hiortach
Saturday 29 August, 10pm

This programme will follow Norman Gillies, the last surviving male St Kildan, as he returns, almost 80 years on and still fit, with his son for an emotional visit to his Island birthplace.

Mac Talla nan Eun
Sunday 30 August, 3.30pm

This is a love story that moves between the past and present using poignant stage performances, location drama and stunning aerial ballet performed on dramatic island sea cliffs (filmed at Mangersta). The performances were part of the groundbreaking St Kilda Opera project.

Am Posadh Hiortadh
Sunday 30 August, 10pm

A lyrical drama-documentary examining life on St Kilda prior to the 1930 evacuation of the island.

Trusadh – Na Hiortaich Ùr
Monday 31 August, 9pm

Beyond the historic story of St Kilda to the activity of a modern-day summer season on the world heritage site:  the day trippers, bird watchers, military personnel, archaeologists, artists and genealogists that visit the island every year.