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Miavaig; taken 29 December 2009, 9am. The bay at Miavaig is frozen, as are all the smaller sealochs, including Little Loch Roag, which doesn’t happen often.

There is a story of crossing Little Loch Roag on foot, however. James Macnaughton, born 1804 and the son of a shepherd at Cleit a Thog (near Scaliscro), was courting Margaret Macdonald, the daughter of Tarmod Laghach at Gisla across the loch. Evidently, during a severe frost, James was able to walk across, pushing a stick in front of him to check the thickness of the ice, which was quite a shortcut compared to the journey round the head of the loch. The Gisla family were against the match, and James had a reputation for laziness, but the couple were eventually married and had ten of a family, living at Kirkibost (James was a shepherd) and later Crulivig.