Comann Eachdraichd Uig

Breanish Gallery

1965, Breanish childeren

(Left to right) Joan Maclean 1 Breanish, Jessie Maclean 1 Breanish, Lena Morrison 19 Breanish, John Latimir 9 Breanish, Robert Latimir 9 Breanish, Murdo F Maclean 1 Breanish, ChrisAnn Maclean 3 Breanish, DeDe Morrison 16 Breanish, Ann Morrison 16 Breanish.

Taigh an t-Saltier, Calum Buchanan, 6 Breanish c1926

A gathering at 20 Breanish
Finlay MacLean (Fionnlagh Mhurchaidh Choinnich) 1 Breanish
Finlay MacLean worked at Estancia Sara in Tierra del Fuego and Estancia Peckett Harbour, Punta Arenas, Patagonia. Finlay married Janet MacDonald, Valtos (Seonaid Iain Mhurchaidh na Duine)and they emigrated to Chile, their five children were born there. The family returned in the 1920s and made their home at Finlay’s family home 1 Breanish
Christina and Norman MacRitchie/ Cairistiona agus Tarmod na Sibealaig

Tormod a’ bhodaich bhig agus Anna Snoraidh Breanish

Teaghlach ‘ain Knox, Mission House

Murdina (Murdag Mhurchaidh Choinnich), Iain, Etta and Agnes MacDonald.

Calum Buchanan/Calum ‘ain Mhòir (Saltier) 6 Breanish and Angus Morrison, (Aonghas Dhòmhnaill Uilleim Eoghainn/ am Begeanach), 17 Breanish
Wedding of Murdo Buchanan (Murchadh Iain Chaluim,Murchadh ‘ain How 27 Breanish) and Peggy MacRitchie (Peigi Aonghais Tharmoid, Peigi na Shippolag 15 Breanish). They married at the Mission House/ Taigh Coinneamh and the image shows the procession from there to the bride’s home. The bridesmaid was Rhoda MacLennan from the Isle of Scarp and the bestman Murdo Macleod (Boach), 24 Breanish and 10 Mangersta. The couple lived at 14 Breanish. Murdo ‘ain How was interned in Holland after the Fall of Antwerp.
Breanish and Mangersta folk enjoying a picnic
Murdo MacKinnon (Murchadh Chèithein), 18 Breanish. Murdo was lost in the Iolaire Disaster,1st January, 1919, aged 19 years.
Angus Mackinnon, 18 Breanish (Aonghais Chèidhean)

Angus Mackinnon, 18 Breanish (Aonghas Chèidhean) who drowned in the tragic loss of the fishing vessel The Margaret at the back of Mealasta Island on the 12th of March, 1932. The crew of four, which also included Angus’s father Cain (Cèidhean) MacKinnon, were lost.

Iain Phàdraig (Iain Phàdraig Aonghais 9 Breanish and 6 Mangersta) Dòmhnall an t-Saoir (Dòmhnall Iain Mhurchaidh 18 Breanish and 14 Keith Street Stornoway) John Macaulay (Iain Tharmoid Dhòmhnaill/ Fìlidh 8 Islivig and 2 Carnish)

John Macaulay – the boat builder

an t-Saor, of 19 Breanish, and others unidentified.

John Macaulay – the boat builder, an t-Saor, of 19 Breanish, and others unidentified.

John Latimer

Back row, 2nd right

John Latimer, back row, 2nd right

Chirsty Margaret Buchanan

11 Breanish, at 100 years

Chirsty Margaret Buchanan (Cairstiona Chaluim Dhomhnaill/ Cairstiona Mairead) 11 Breanish, at 100 years

Donald and Mary Buchanan

Donald Buchanan (Domhnall Iain Chaluim Dhonnchaidh/Domhnall ‘ain Mhoir) 6 Breanish and 9 Mangersta, and his wife Mary MacLean (Mairi Mhurchaidh Choinnich Fhionnlaigh), 1 Breanish.

Mairi, Annie and Annie

Mary Morrison (Mairi Phadruig) 9 Breanish and 6 Mangersta, Annie Morrison (Anna Snoraidh) Carnish, Annie Morrison (Anna Phadruig)9 Breanish and 17 Breanish.

Mary Morrison (Mairi Phadruig) 6 Mangersta, Annie Morrison (Anna Snoraidh) Carnish, Annie Morrison (Anna Phadruig) 17 Breanish.

Anna Cheidhinn

Annie Morrison (Anna Cheidhean, Zinc’s mother), Breanish

Annie Morrison (Anna Cheidhinn, Zinc’s mother), Breanish

Airigh Cracabhal

At Airigh Cracabhal, 1930s.
Katie Ann Macritchie, 15 Breanish
Peigi Ann Buchanan, 11 Breanish
Chrissie Mackay 13 Breanish
Mary Ann Morrison 29 Breanish
Neil Latimer 9 Breanish
Flora Macdonald 11 Breanish
Peigi Morrison 29 Breanish
Cathy Morrison 29 Breanish
Chrissie Buchanan 11 Breanish
Nan Latimer 9 Breanish.

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